09 September 2010

birthday boy

My baby turned 2 last Saturday, September 4th. Poor boy was sick on his birthday. Bad cold lovingly given to him by his brother. And then he passed it on to me. But we still had a fun birthday. Nothing major this year. Just grandparents over for dinner and some presents and cake. We were hoping to be in our house and have a nice big party with our friends. Some other time I suppose. But he had fun. And that is all that matters.

Here is his birthday cake. A dump truck in case you can't tell. My first attempt at marshmallow fondant. It was fun to do, but yucky to eat in my opinion. Everyone just kinda dug the cake out to eat it. But I wanted to practice with it because my sister wants me to make her wedding cake.
He didn't want to blow out the candles, just wanted to eat all 4 cookie tires. And he had so much fun with his presents. This is the VERY loud garbage truck uncle Kurt got him. See the look of working so hard on his face.
Um, no good pics of other presents I see. But I do have some nice pictures of your birthday mischief and your poor sick eyes and runny nose.
Daddy left out a red permanent marker. Forget the fact that I fell asleep on the couch for 15 minutes. I blame the late night girls night and Brad. It is not my fault at all. Oh ya, and Roman as he watched him color on 14 different things, including his own forehead, before he thought to wake me up. Luckily everything was either a hard surface that a magic eraser could tackle or skin, which surprisingly came clean with a good scrub with a baby wipe. The chair cushion is another story.
I have been ignoring it. But I read online in a few places that WD40 gets is out? I think I'll try that, then just flip it to the other side. At least the rest of the chair is okay.
And that Mr. Finn is your 2nd birthday.


Lisha said...

great job on the cake, Whit!

Em and Tom said...

Don't ya just LOVE the things boys do? Happy Birthday Finn! Looks like you and Logan had a good day!

marisajbaines said...

love the cake...love the marker all over your kids! dont worry you will be in your house one day... and then you can have the party of the century!!!

Christal said...

Your cake turned out awesome love it!! Did you find the recipe hard or easy?? or were you cursing me?? Its an aquired taste eh for some most people just take it off! I actually don't mind it that much but I am weird! Well I'm glad you got a nap but it probably wasn't worth it after all the marker work the boys did for you eh! Glad most of it came off too!! ttys!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Cute cake! What a little homemaker you are. And, as for the drawing, I'm with you I love that we can just flip the cushion, but now my white couch is stained most sides, so we're contemplating the 300.00 bucks to get a new cover, just can't decide on a color. White is probably a bad choice for the next 4 or 5 years, 4kids, maybe even a 5th, it won't survive.

Em and Tom said...

Hey Whit, No we don't have a basement, and I wasn't finished with the post when you read it. You should go check out the pics! Lays sings a song and everything.