28 February 2010

I love the Olympics!

What, you were sick of looking at a New Year's post? As if. Maybe no one is left out there to even read my blog anymore.

But I'm back - from Vancouver that is. Not making any promises about the blog...

So the story goes, we always planned on going to the Olympics in Vancouver. Then we started building a house and Brad decided we needed to be more responsible. I whined and whined to no avail. Then the Olympics started. And Brad thought hmm, it would have been fun to go. But we could never get tickets now. Ha! apparently he doesn't know who he is dealing with. An email to Bev and we were in! Bev, my dad's cousin, works ticketing for the Olympics. She has done it for years and is the best at it, seriously in high demand. She is awesome! She was who we stayed with in Greece and now she is in London getting ready for 2012, better start saving for my ticket to London eh!
The tickets on Air Canada were actually a really good price. Dixie and Rhonda watched my kids Sunday and my parents had them on Monday - thanks again we never could have done it without you guys! And Lin's brother Peter and his wife let us stay at their apartment the night we were there. It was a short trip, two days, but it was so worth it!
We probably should have taken more pictures, we kinda kept forgetting we had a camera! But here's a bit of what we got.
Me and Brad waiting to get into Hockey Place. Brad's brother Bryan and our nephew Seth who met us there for the game. Seth waved that flag the whole time, even on the way out when Canada had lost. It was hilarious. The Russians. They were everywhere, and were hilarious hardcore fans. The view from our awesome 14th row seats at the hockey game!

I loved this baby, sat there in the carrier with headphones on for the entire game. Us all Canada geared up at the game. The sea of red after a goal! Before the game started our Golden Canadian was interviewed - the crowd went crazy!

On to curling the next day. Couldn't complain about row 6 seats just behind Canada's rink! Visiting the flame. Looks way cooler in real life than on tv.

Waited in line at The Bay Store and brought back some Canada stuff for the kids. It was awesome how everyone wanted all the Canada gear. Lucky we got our mittens before we went! Sochi house. Heard it was cool inside, but super long lines (just like everywhere else!). Swiss house. Line for the restaurant, went into the bar instead. But it stunk so bad! They were serving some kind of melted cheese spread on toast and neither of us could stand the smell so we left! If we could have stayed one more night we could have gone to Heineken House, Bev is good friends with the guy who runs it. Oh well. Just hanging out in the sun at the marina with BC place in the background. My Canada toque boys.

Roman walks around the house singing "Canada is gunna win, oh ya oh ya!" He loves to watch the Canadian bobsled run on tevo. And he doesn't mind the speed skating, which he refers to as the wiggly skaters. I've done my job, passing on an Olympic obsession to my child as my parents did to me!

Thanks so much Bev! You rock. And thanks to you too Laurie. And we had tons of fun at lunch with the fam too!
I am so glad we ended up going, it was amazing!


Mindi said...

Wow, looks like fun, that's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! (or in your case, a few times experience!)

Lisha said...

so jealous! looks like you guys had a great trip, though.

Life Is Golden said...

So So So Fun! I seriously think this was the most inspiring games ever... what an awesome thing to be there and be a part of it. Yay for you!

Tisha said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like SO much fun!!!

Just Rhonda said...

Looks like it was fun!!!! LOVE the decked out pictures of your family! And you are welcome (although I didn't really do that much!)

Susie said...

Wahoo Loved them too! Seriously I feel like I will never forget these games. Ryan & I had a moment where we really thought about packing our bags & going for it... but well GOOD for you for going. Now he is planning on Russia you in?? As if that makes sense to not go when its practically in our backyard but travel across the world.

LindsayB said...

um, did you tevo my old flame david bissett in the bobsled? that's right, he's an olympian now with a medal and we went on a date.

Christal said...

Whitney love the pictures I'm so glad you got to go how fun!! You know we are all jealous of you right!! Good memories glad you got to go!!

ehjenn said...

So fun. Sure beats the Doodlebops...well for us anyway. I guess the Doodles were for the little monkeys and that was the thrill of Addie's short little life.
That baby is hilarious. I took Addie to Faith Hill and Tim when she was about 6 months old, she used earplugs and had a blast.
Thanks again for the tickets. You're awesome!