07 June 2010


Roman eats pancakes every morning.
EVERY morning.
One morning last week he ate yogurt instead and I felt lost for half the day.
Too bad Roman's mom isn't cool enough to make a pancake like this

Or this
Or this
Check out this guys blog.
Jim's Pancakes

And I need a good recipe for whole wheat pancakes. Anyone? I take the easy way out with the just add water box. But since it is every morning something more nutritious might be nice!


Susie said...

for real, when I first saw the pancakes I was all oh here goes whitney again. phewsh glad you haven't made those yet. Seriously pancakes everyday, kinda seems like a lota work I guess thats what ya feed kids that big. and ya right I am not even gonna look at that guys blog,

KellyLady said...

2 cups ww flour
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups milk
1 tbsp baking powder
1/3 cup vegetable oil
Mix it all up until smooth and grill them up :)

I usually make a double batch and freeze them...then just pop them in the toaster or microwave and voila - quick and easy!
This also works great for waffles and you can add fruit or chocolate or whatever to it :)

Krystle said...

I found pancake recipe that doesn't use eggs and I use whole wheat flour instead of white. I like it because it's very pantry friendly and perfect for when I run out of milk/eggs the day before grocery day.


Em and Tom said...

My Mom makes the best WW pancakes! Just call Claudia and she will fix you up!

Melissa said...

such fun pancakes. and your a good mom to make then every morning, i give my kids a choice of 2 or 3 different cold cereals.

Life Is Golden said...

Hip hip hooray for updates... AND for pancakes... we love ourselves some buckwheat pancakes around here... another thing I like to do is add fresh blueberries (but I have no idea if they are an arm and a leg up there) or I'll I keep a bag of strawberries in the freezer and will thaw them just before, mash them up add a teensy bit of sugar and serve them on top. Maggie loves it.

Christal said...

You are amazing I actually thought the same thing as susie seriously you are that amazing!!! Those are some pretty cool pancakes! You are awesome for making pancakes every morning! I want to be like you when I grow up ha ha!! When you get a good recipe let me know! ttys

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