02 September 2010

hello hello

It's that time again, it's been 3 months so I better update. He he. No excuses. It's my blog. And I just plain haven't been feeling it. It's was summer. And we have been busy doing summer things. And busy doing house things. Brad is there as we speak getting things ready to start the hardwood. We are getting close, so so close. I have color on my walls. I am starting to get excited. Then I add up the costs and the excitement goes away. But then I remember I get my life back in a month or so. Sorry mom and dad. I can't thank you enough for letting us live at your house while we build, but that's how it feels right now. Like my life has been on hold and I can start again soon. I am sure you feel totally the same way, and I can't blame you. My kids can be annoying. And so can I. Especially because I have been so darn lazy and crazy the last seven months.
I do not recommend getting pregnant and being nauseated and so so tired for three months and then having a miscarriage and being totally hormonal for a month and then getting pregnant right away and being nauseated and so so tired for another three months all while living at your parents house and sending your husband away to build your house. I'm done. I'm spent. I can't believe I still have 5 more months of being pregnant. I have been patiently waiting for the energy of the second trimester to kick in. It's taking it's own sweet time in getting here. But I am thankful to be pregnant. It's a blessing. So I will smile, and take diclectin and cat nap while my kids eat fruit snacks with me on the couch. And come the end of February I will be a mother of 3 kids.

And speaking of being pregnant, in August at 12 weeks pregnant I did my first triathlon. A super sprint. And I loved it. I can't wait to do another one next summer. Unfortunately next summer I won't have being pregnant to use as an excuse for a bit slower time! I promised myself and Brad I wouldn't push too hard in the training or the race. I had been nervous, being 12 weeks along as that was when I had my miscarriage. I know I know, nothing I did caused it. But I was still nervous. I did hold back in the race a bit, but I was okay with that. I'll try harder next summer. I did it in 48 minutes and something seconds. A friend lent me her tri suit and bike. I feel like a bit of a poser in the suit, but it really was comfortable. And the bike was awesome. I want Santa to bring me a new bike. The best part was when Roman was cheering for me at the end.
Here I am in my nice tight suit before heading to the race. Roman was cheering here too. I'll take any cheering I can get, even from a 4 year old who was totally excited to play in the bouncy house while I was doing the race.
I know I didn't look great in the tight suit, but I really didn't think I looked as bad as I did. I can't believe I'm putting these pictures up. Don't worry, I'll keep the worst ones to myself. And don't bother with the oh you look fine comments. I'm pregnant and fat. My jeans tell the truth. So just drop it. You know you have all been there.
Transition to bike. Lovely squinty face I'm making isn't it.
Finishing up with the run.
Whoever said black is slimming is an idiot. These black shorts do nothing for my butt. Next year my goal is to have a nice tight butt like Lindsay there on the right. Sorry Lins, but your butt looks good in those new shorts!

And with that lovely picture I will end my ramblings and step over the dump trucks and swords on the floor and collapse on the couch with a can of Dr. Pepper. The bubbles ease the nausea if you must know.


LindsayB said...

ya bum, i can't believe you put my bum on the internet, haha. wait till you see my tri pics. no shorts, now that is a true poser! and i don't care, you look good so shut up. now move into that house and have a party, don't worry i'll plan it, you just supply the house!

Melissa said...

K seriously you don't even look prego, your still skinny. Not fair. Good job on the tri, your my hero! I'm so excited for you to have have 3, can't wait for you to find out what it is. Congrats!!!

Mindi said...

I just gotta give you PROPS for even doing a marathon...WHILE PREGNANT! That's awesome. What's my excuse you ask? Plain ole laziness. I wish I had the energy to do at least 1 of those, but alas, I'm just lazy. I'll admit it, so awesome job, and nobody will judge what yer bum looks like! Awesome job, and congrats on the baby!

Lisha said...

I'm going to have to agree with Mindi on that one, Whit. I can't imagine doing a triathlon let alone being 3 months prego while doing it! Congrats!

marisajbaines said...

good for you.....for staying at your parent, for competing!!! i am so excited to have a girls night in your new house...hint hint

The Lowry's said...

Hey, there. Wow, I didn't even know you were pregnant. Congrats. Its been a while and I haven't seen or talked to anyone except Jill all summer. Way to go on the tri!

Christal said...

You are awesome but I tell you that all the time ha ha!! YOU UPDATED what a shock!! wow!! and seriously you look great dont' know what you seeing but skinny you are! no arguments!!
Can't wait for you to get into your house it is so beautiful love it all! It will be so nice for you to get in and "get your life back" for all of you eh! But look at the benefits right over the past year!~
I'm excited for baby number three and in all seriousness I am so glad it happened right away again for you! It is a blessing! ttys