06 May 2009

deep thoughts

Just because your friend gives you a pair of soccer cleats her son grew out of that happen to be the right size for your son and match his jersey and shorts to a tee does not necessarily mean you should let him wear them to soccer. Even when your son begs and begs to wear them because they are the fastest shoes he has. Said cleats will undoubtedly cause much pain to your toes and bring tears to your eyes. Literally tears to your eyes when he walks on your bear feet.

The pain however can be eased slightly by a cute voice saying sorry mom, sorry. And a hug and a kiss initiated by a sticky little face.

Just a few warm up kicks before we head out to soccer.


Christal said...

he is so cute and no it is not fun to be stepped on with cleats been there! How did he do last night! To bad Kolt's game is at the same time I want to come see those cute kids play! TTYL

Jacklyn said...

ohhh that's a real post and a dang cute one. I can't wait for Luke and Ro to play this summer. I'll meet you in the back yard

LindsayB said...

yeeeeouch! i thought they weren't having 3 yearold soccer in raymond this year. we have still not played here yet, cardston whimps. cute roman, good real post, hehe.

Jen & George Scott said...

Oh it is so hard to resist the cute little Sorry mommy I am sure!! He is getting so big!!!