01 April 2009

happy april

I loved Lins's last post. About being more real. Lins and Christal said it best.

"So open up your curtains (or blogs) and let us see how imperfect your life is, and be proud of it. Because perfect just isn't as fun. What do you do with your time? What do you think about when there isn't anything to think about? What's your 'useless' pastime? What are you doing?!"

I'm like Lindsay in that I love to see how people live, I love to see how people tick, and I like knowing that we aren't perfect. When sometimes I feel like I'm not good at anything or can't make cute scrapbook stuff or take professional pictures or look as skinny and beautiful as someone, or have my kids look perfect all the time like it "looks" like some people do.
It can get discouraging if you let it all I guess all I'm saying is that we are not perfect in anyway and we are all alike in more ways then we know.
I too like looking into people's window's when I pass by not in a creepy stalker way but just to see how people live and its kind of like blogging getting that peek into others lives learning from them, and seeing and knowing its OKAY if we aren't all perfect we are trying.....
cause that's the best chance we got -- to keep trying to do the best we can do.

Lins is good at being "real" on her blog. And so is Christal. I would like to get better at that. At opening up. At letting people in.
So you may learn some things about me this next month. And hopefully I will learn to open up a bit more. Because this month I'm keeping it real here on the ol' blog.

I find Christal's comment funny. That's right C, I'm laughing at you. The perfect kids and all. Because C, your kids are perfect all the time. Your house if perfect. And you are perfect. You are always SO put together. I don't know how you do it. Especially with all you have on your plate. But I guess it just goes to show that we view ourselves so differently than other people do sometimes. And I guess that is how the perfect mom myth keeps going.

Now I have been accused by some to be a Martha. I take offense to that! Well, I guess it is kinda true because Martha doesn't do all the work. She has a team behind her doing all the work. Brad is my behind the scenes crew.
Lets take my silly little Halloween party this last year. It's not like I just woke up the day of and threw it all together. I planned. I had lists. We are talking planning like 2 weeks ahead so I could make sure everything got done. I got ideas off the internet. The things we ate came about because they fit into a schedule. I prepared a lot of stuff in advance. I went list crazy. I bossed Brad around. My house looked like a bomb had exploded for a good week. I was up late cleaning the night before the party. Really you could say I am a fool, not a Martha, for all the time and effort I put into it! But it was fun. So I guess a fool I will stay. Any one of you could do the same. And I know all of you have thrown a great party too.

Martha, no. One party worked out for me. Sure I like to bake. And some stuff is yummy. But I have had some major flops lately. Just ask my family. I threw away 2 batches of muffins the other day because they were just nasty. (Not P's great blueberry recipe if you are wondering Lins!) So I will add muffins to the list of things I just can not pull off. Right up there with Jello. That's right, I can't make good Jello.
And yes I am crafty. I can sew. I taught myself, and it took awhile. There have been a few scary projects. But of course I don't put them on the blog! And nothing I make is perfect. But I am okay with that. No one else can tell what is wrong (I hope!)
I'm not a good cook.
I panic at the mention of public speaking.
I am tone deaf and can't sing at all.
I try to run to stay in shape, but a runner I will never be.
I am not good at keeping my house tidy.
I constantly put off sweeping my kitchen floors.
I don't bath my kids everyday. Heck, they are lucky to get bathed every other day.
And if we are really being real - I pick my kids noses.
There you have it. Surely you can see yourself in a better light now that you know I pick my kids noses.

Wow, maybe you don't want to come back for the next post now!


LindsayB said...

whit this is awesome, love it! just what i was talking about! you must have had some sort of whirlwind week of emotions!
i know it's hard to take a compliment, but you are very talented in the crafty area, and i'm not gonna lie, i may be a bit jealous. yours is a house i love to look in cause it's decorated so dang cute. and don't we all have a backstage crew in our husbands?! i suck at muffins too, but the blueberry ones have always worked for me, weird. and if we don't pick our kids noses, who will? them? even worse.

Kristin Ross said...

I pick my kids nose too. Lindsay said it...if we don't, who will? I can't stand a crusty nose. You are very talented.

Susie said...

I'm hoooked, tell me more. This is great I wanna be real too. You are awesome. Parties are always worth it. THis could be like a contest who is the most imperfect mom ha ha

Brittany said...

paha...what good mom would leave a big boogey even if it is gross!! Being compared with Martha is a compliment..but you have way more personality than her. You are fantastic and so generous and I just love ya just the way you are. We all could learn a lesson about letting people in a little more...although my backdoor neighbors are probably wondering what kind of funny white jumpsuit I am wearing

Selina said...

Some normalcy. I like it!

Jacklyn said...

Yaaay for april yaaay for your writing capabilities so open so honest I love it. You always have been a good writer it reminds me of when you used to write my essays for me in grade 11, I loved it then and I love it now. And also yaaay for Ro's cute coat, Luke has the same one but he does not have that cute hat...I want it
loves (haha cheesy)

Just Rhonda said...

i think ALL mom's pick their kids noses!!!! It's a rule for life. :) hmmm wonder what kind of list I could make on my blog like this.....

AND I get called Martha too (it's either Martha or Molly).... and I'm never quite sure how to take it either!

Christal said...

Thanks for laughing at me you are so funny!! Funny because it makes me laugh to see what others think of us I always think you and brad have the funnest relationship you have the cutest best dressed boys and most up to date stylin accessories to go with all things baby and you are always cute no matter what even in the pj's! AND you have to admit even if you get offended you are so martha only better then martha cause you don't have all the behind the scenes help!! AND you freakin play hockey in the winter to keep in shape you are cool seriously!!! None of us are perfect that's why I love lindsay's post too!!! We all have our quirks but its fun to see that we are all the same in so many ways!!
{I missed so many posts over the past few days holy!} Glad your doing better! ttys