27 April 2009

another giveaway

Simple finds has another great give away. A $25 gift certificate to Shade clothes.
I am trying so hard to not shop online right now. I am trying to get better at saving money. But everywhere has the cutest clothes and swimsuits for summer! I'm resisting, I'm resisting...


Kristin Ross said...

Here is my mom's pancake recipe (Mason was making them at 4 years old).

2c flour (I did 1c white, 1c whole wheat)
4 t baking powder
1/2 c sugar
1/2 t salt
3-4 T melted butter
2 eggs

Beat eggs and add enough milk to make 2 1/4 c. Mix all dry ingredients together. Melt butter in something different and then mix in all wet ingredients. Don't over mix. Enjoy!

Brittany said...

Okay so you are about the sweetest thing...I don't know how I missed your last couple of posts, they must not have shown an update. K so I thought it was so funny that
1. you think that about my house when I look at yours and think of how talented you are and you just seem to know where to put things.
2. I have a fraction of the fashion sense that you have and always think you put together the cutest outfits...but thanks, goes to show we give others more credit than ourselves.
3. you are a fantastic girl and I can't wait to always be your friend.