31 March 2009


Thanks for the comments, emails, and phone calls. It's nice to know I really do have friends.

It seems that I am not the only one in a funk right now. Do you think it could do with the fact that spring is a big tease?

The days just aren't long enough. The to do list is too long. I feel lost. I need to get it together.
So today I sat down and tried to think of how I can simplify and/or regroup myself. Not a major overhaul - I don't have the patience for that right now! Just tweak a few things in my life.

1. We decided to look for a realtor to sell our house. It would be nice to sell it ourselves and save the commission we will pay. But I am going to let someone else do the work. Maximize our exposure and all that. Make sure everything is covered in the contracts. Hopefully it works!

2. I don't spend a ton of time on face book. I mostly just use it to email. But I do find myself getting distracted by the wall. So randomly today I deleted a ton of "friends". I am down to 77 or something like that. Family and the people I see and talk to the most. Maybe I'll even try to narrow it down from there. We will see. Not a big deal, but it was refreshing.

3. I took a piece of advice from "Simple Mom" and changed the way I do lists. I love my lists, but these days they are a bit out of control. I have lists piling up everywhere. And I am a bit OCD about them too. If they don't look just right I find myself redoing them - constantly. So I am going to have a big list on the computer. That I can update and change at will, but it will still look perfect! And then each day I can write a few things down on a post it. Like simple mom says, MIT's. Most important things. She says pick 3 important things to get done for the day. Anything else I do with just be icing on the cake. (Simple mom has some good downloads of little organized lists and daily planner stuff if you are interested)

4. I really wanted to do the whole get up before the kids and run or shower or whatever. But it's not going to happen. Not right now. It isn't working for Finn. So instead of focusing on how it is not working I am just going to have to work around it right now. I am just going to have to run at night. And grab a shower when I can.

5. I need to get back to some me time. I haven't had my sewing machine out in months. I miss it. Ha ha, laugh if you must. But it has become something I love. It is cathartic. It relaxes me. It gives me a creative outlet. I have realized I am so much more productive in other areas of my life when I have a creative outlet. I have heard a lot of crafters say the same thing. The bad thing is my desk is no longer out - we wanted to make the downstairs seem more roomy. So sewing isn't as accessible. But now I just need to try harder and make time for it. Time for me.

6. I started a journal. I have never kept a journal. But it was a thought that kept nagging at me. So I got a little notebook. And each day I write down 5 things. Literally 5 things, numbered 1-5. Sometimes totally jot notes. Sometimes I write a lot of what I am feeling or thinking. Sometimes it is silly stuff like
1. went grocery shopping.
2. crashed on the couch when the kids went to bed.
3. Made dinner that was super yucky.
I miss days here and there. Sometimes my 5 things covers a few days. But I have been at if for a month now. And I really enjoy it. Try it. In the famous words of Fufa on Yo Gabba Gabba, try it and you'll like it, I tried it and I liked it!

7. Some more me time - I enjoy reading, but I never know what to read. I am not good at finding good books. So I need some suggestions. Lots of suggestions.

8. I need to stop coming up with excuses for things that I should be doing. For example, potty training Roman. He isn't potty trained. Possibly because I have never really tried. He randomly goes on the potty, because he feels like eating a marshmallow. I said I would do it when I was finished painting everything. Then I said I wanted to get the house organized and clean to get it on the market. Then I said I would wait until Finn wasn't sick. Then I had too busy a week coming up. I need to just suck it up and stop avoiding it. I need to act like a mom!

Any other suggestions for me? I know a lot of people said they wanted to simplify this year, how have you done it? And seriously, I need some suggestions for some good books.

Finn doesn't like squash. Me neither!


Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Dear Whitney:
I was sorry to hear you've been having a hard day/week. So, I'm copying you (and your notebook idea) and giving you some suggestions!
Kristin's 5 things:
1) Stop comparing yourself to other people. It will never make you happy with yourself. They will always seem "better" than they really are, and it will only make you feel worse!
2) Find the things in your life that you've forgotten are blessings: healthy, happy children, husband, family, friends, the gospel, etc. We all have good things in our lives if we just look.
3) DO make time for you. It's so important. The way you are/feel about yourself will affect the way you're raising your children, treating your husband, etc. It's not selfish in any way, I feel it's a necessity!
4) Set little (achiveable) goals.
For example, if you want to run start with just 2-3 times a week. Let it be flexible, but follow through. Don't forget, to sign up for a race with me! (Knowing I'm going to be in a race MAKES me go for runs!)
5)Don't expect to be perfect. I think that's one of the problems with reading people's "blogs". We only see the amazing things they're doing, and it makes us feel like crap. I guess, refer back to number one. Just do your best and don't feel like a failure because of it.
(P.S. My rate for counselling is $50/hour.)

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Wow. I wrote like WAY too much.
I apologize to all the other comment writers out there.

Kinsey said...

Oh Whit! I'm sorry you're having one of those times. Just keep thinking "this too shall pass..." it always does.Maybe one day you'll even laugh about it. Good luck selling the house! I hope it goes quick for ya! You're a great mom! Your kids are awesome, and showering is over-rated!

Brittany said...

here's the deal you are pretty fantastic but we really are our worst critics so take it from those that know you...you are a great artist, seamstress, friend, wife and mom. I think that simplifying the things around us we do so much more. I find that setting the timer for 15 minutes and getting as much done in that short time and sit and relax and play with your kids

Brianne said...

Okay, so I usually don't comment or give advice, but here you go:
-I didn't even start potty training Dylan until he was 3 years and 2 months old. He didn't seem ready and I was lazy. I just let him go when he wanted too and one day I took his diaper off and he just kept it off. We did have a few accidents but it wasn't too stressful because I waited.
-I love Shannon Hale books, or Gail Carson Levine. Very cute and easy books to read.
-I have the same problem exercising. It usually gets done during the babies nap and then I sometimes get showers by 4pm. That is life.
Sorry for being a blog creeper.

Jacklyn said...

that is funny whit cause I went through my facebook and deleted a ton of people a couple of months ago and it felt quite good I don't know why. And all I can say for advice for life is read Pres Monson's talk from last conference "Joy in the Journey" it is seriously made for me because if I wait till we have a career or a house or a spec of money ect ect to be happy I will be waiting till my kids are half grown and I'm in my 30's. So go read that talk quit stressing yourself out with having to be so organized feed your kids mac and cheese for lunch and sew something beautiful while your dishes are in the sink and you stink (I mean skip the shower) Love ya Whit

LindsayB said...

hey whit, my computer wouldn't let me comment yesterday so i went to facebook (thank goodness i didn't get the delete!) and i really wanted to comment and tell you that's it's a-ok to feel this way sometimes. we all do and it's perfectly normal to get bummed even though we are so blessed. you sound like you have a really good plan and i hope it works for you. that's the biggest thing, find what works for you. i run every night when the kids go to bed and shower at night, i helps keep me sane. i like your journal idea too. i think we need to have a get together soon! love ya! i swear all my troubles will disapear when it's spring.

The Davis Diaries said...

Hey Whit
I enjoy reading your blog - you and I have never really talked and I think we have a lot more in common than we realize. My favorite book of all time is "A
Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving - it is the reason I love reading.
Love Ya

Tisha said...

It must be the weather because I've been feeling the same way lately. I've heard the confessions of a shopaholic books are a good read, but I haven't got to read them yet. If you ever need a chance to sew, bring your boys over here and they can play with TJ and you can set up your machine in my sewing room! I understand the need to sew!!

Just Rhonda said...

i'm feeling all poopoo lately too. I've chalked it up to the weather. Read waiting for birdy. I've got it and I'll lend it to you. It's funny and easy to read!

Christal said...

I love finn!!!