05 April 2009


Okay lins, you asked for it.
Confessions of sorts:

1. House. Now that we are building (I am trying to stay positive that our house will sell) I am dying to come look in all your houses. I want to know what you like about your house and what you don't. It's funny to me that Lins says she likes my house. I like her house too. And you too Amanda, you made my day on Friday when you told me my house was cute. My house is okay. But I don't love it. There are so many things that I think are a good idea at first, but they just turn out so wrong! I want Britt's house. Or Ashely's. Or really any Wood girls house. And Reagan's too. I think she is a Wood girl separated at birth. My house is the cheap version of Britt's. Kinda a Pottery Barn vs Target. Not that we don't all love target, but you get the idea. Or is it even that good, can I put it in any sort of category with Britt's?!

2. Clothes. It cracks me up when my friends say they love to look in my closet. Because I have such a hard time getting dressed! Don't we all though? I will trade closets with any of you! I do have a few pieces I love. But it's hard to go hang out with the same people when you only have 3 good outfits!
So here it comes - when I am shopping I ask myself "would Brittany wear this?" and "would Lins laugh at me if I wore this" Sorry Lins but it's true! I love your honesty! If the answer is yes and then no then I buy it. Not to say that I always get the answers right, but I'm trying!
I think I will have to add you in there too Christal - because you fit well into both questions! Come on, I know you laugh every time you come to my house and I am yet again answering the door in pajamas. Which brings me to my next confession...

3. Pajamas. I love my pajamas. And I live in them. Literally. I know people say they are more productive if they get up and get dressed. Nope. Not me. I have tried it. When I am out and dressed in jeans or whatever I come home and change right into my pajamas or sweats. Just ask Christal. I was at parent preschool in normal clothes and she came over to drop something off right after, and I was already in my pajamas. Or ask Lindsay. She did a random stop by in the middle of the afternoon and I had been cleaning and was in my pajamas. And even worse, no bra on. Or when your sis in law came over to return the cookie cutter Marissa. Pretty bad because I don't know her very well. No shower, no makeup, and pajamas. What a great impression I made I'm sure. Yep, I am that slob. But I am okay with it. I kinda have to be because I ain't getting out of the comfy clothes anytime soon!

4. The big one - the body. Oh yes I am going there. We all need to get better at taking compliments. I can finally say that yes I am talented at sewing. But when someone tells me I look good it's hard. It's hard when I know full well what I look like naked. Scary. The baby belly and love handles say it all. But we all have complaints about our bodies. And when I tell Jill how amazing she looks after having 4 kids she has the same complaints I do. But I just don't see how she can say she has love handles. So does that mean my love handles look better to everyone else than they do to me? I sure hope so!
So in the name of keeping it real... I showed my lovely love handles and stretch marks and baby belly to some friends the other night. I did that right, it's not just a bad dream? But they asked for it. They were telling me how good I looked. And I thank them for that. But they just needed to know what was hidden under the spandex undershirt! So I'll exercise when I can. I'll hide my flaws as best I can. But until I give up my nightly treats and get serious about exercising I will try to stop complaining about my body. I have no one to blame but myself.

I just thank Heavenly Father daily for my wonderful husband who loves me no matter what I look like. No matter what size I am. No matter how much I complain that I have nothing to wear. No matter how many times I rearrange the decorations in the living room. And no matter how many days he gets home from work and sees me in my pajamas.

ps - the body is so worth it for this


Anonymous said...

You are the cutest, most real person, Whit, and I love you to bits. I love reading your posts, even though I don't comment often. I feel like the weird outsider who has not blog...but I stick by my decision to not do one, so here I am, an anonymous commenter.
Love your house, your baking talents, sewing and creativity, clothes, darling boys, honesty, and especially your friendship. So here's to being more honest with everybody...thanks for the boost!

;) Jilly poo

Just Rhonda said...

funny to read about the pjs.... that's me too. My kids think I live in my house coat. hahahaha :)
you are more talented that you think.

Kristin Ross said...

You are hilarious. You don't give yourself enough credit.

LindsayB said...

so am i just a big honest jerk or what?! i'm pretty sure i never really have laughed at you have i?please oh please i hope i have never gone too far and offended anyone. and i know you're totally lying that you like my house and you have way cute clothes cause you make them into these cute outfits. and i'm glad i caught you in your mess, and you can come randomly and catch me in mine anytime. and you went high above all confessions and are way more real than i will ever be by showing your stretch marks etc. do you have any idea how cool it is that you are ok with yourself enough to do that?! i wasn't there, but thank you for doing that. now THAT is real. you're awesome.

Jacklyn said...

Ok all I can say is that if your house is Target...mine is wal-mart...or maybe K-mart some sort of Mart anyway

Christal said...

Okay here goes I love your house your decorating, your pj's, your wardrobe I pretty much want to be you ha ha!! Sounds like I pretty much want to be you... Seriously though you are so funny and real I love being around you cause you make me laugh.
We can all find flaws in ourselves and things we don't like and compare ourselves to others. There will always be something better or someone skinnier no matter how hard we try! But the great thing is we are always trying right and I say ditto to jill's comment!! You are the best!!!

Caylee Secretan said...

Whitney you are seriously so cute, ridiculous really. Loved the post, very real. I second the wonderful husband comment because I have one too - I love the compliments he gives me even when I feel like a big squishy bread dough tummy wife! I'm sure your house is darling cute, you are one talented chicky. :)

Jen & George Scott said...

So True Whit - Nothing matters as long as your husband likes what he sees!!!! You are darling!!!