17 April 2009


I shouldn't mention this, because then I won't win. But I won't win anyway, so here you go. Simple finds is giving away a Layers swimsuit! They are the cutest ones out there this season - I was so disappointed with the selection from Modbe this year. I want one so bad, but I am resisting buying one. In an effort to simplify and save money. I'm trying so hard, they are so cute!


Kristin Ross said...

They are really cute this year. I always want a new swim suit but rarely even put one on. If you don't win, try downeastbasics.com They are pretty cute too and a tiny bit cheaper (still like $55). Good Luck.

Christie said...

Thanks for the shout out! Just a fyi my email is christie(at)simple-finds.com Just so you know next time;) Thanks for spreading the word about Simple Finds!!!

Christal said...

Dang I just ordered one from down east the pink polka dotted one and a swim skirt!! I love the aqua PD one from layers too!

Oh I also heard your addicted to buying baby clothes! That was to funny {it took all I had not to turn around and look at you but Emily and I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway brad did a good job though. TTYS!

Katie said...

Those look so cute. How much do you charge for your felt food? We really need some at our house! Grace would love it.

DJ said...

Hey Whitney, I don't use facebook much anyway so this was as good a way to get me as any. Don't even worry about your taking Kinlee around at Soccer yesterday. Sometimes shes better behaved for anyone but me anyway. Not that running in my sweet platform frump flops is that hard but whatever!!! It was good that you held her arms up to keep her from picking up and re-positioning the ball---crazy girl!! I tried to teach her that's just not ok. It obviously didn't sink in.
Let me know if you need anything while you are coaching these kids.
Cute blog by the way. You are one talented woman!!