05 March 2009

Today I am...

I liked Rhonda's post from today.
Today I am...
still in my pajamas from this morning, both kids too!

filling holes in baseboards and sanding them.

giving into the sugar craving and drinking a Dr. Pepper. It's been one of those days.

avoiding the treadmill staring at me right now.

looking forward to the time change this weekend and hoping it helps the kids sleep longer than the 7:00 wake up call I have had all week.

getting ready for Roman's pirate party this weekend, sewing a million little pirate hats for all the kiddos.

loving the new carpet in our basement.

totally and completely loving and appreciating my husband for all the work he has done to get the house ready to sell.

stressing out about the house selling once we actually get it listed.

Looking forward to the nice warm shower I will take as soon as I get off the computer and sand a few more baseboards.

What are you doing?


Just Rhonda said...

:) Great list. I want to see your house and how good it looks!!!!!

Christal said...

love the list what am I doing lets see car pooling getting lunch for the kids/ making food for a funeral getting ready to drop it off/ getting ready to paint hopefully later today and yeah always something eh!! Have a good rest of the day!! Did you get my email ha ha!! ttyl

LindsayB said...

i'm blogging! i was in raymond last night and almost did a random stop by, but it was kinda late, next time! hope the house stuff goes good!

Susie said...

thanks to you I remembered it was daylight saving. I'm hoping 7 is the new 6 for us. Hope the same for you. good luck with the house stuff. and I think I'm coming down this week gonna be around??

Photo By Emilie said...

Thanks so much for entering to win one of my photography pkgs on giveawaytoday. Good Luck!!

Jacklyn said...

I have certainly never sewn enough pirate hat's for an entire party...Whit your such a good mom!!
And I am blogging when I should be in bed