27 March 2009

buy me! buy me!

Our house is for sale. Anyone know anyone who is looking to buy my cute little house? It's on welist right now. We will see how that goes and then if nothing then we will get a relator.

You know when you get an appointment to get your hair colored or cut cause you don't like it, and then the day of the appointment it has never looked better? Well, that's my house right now!
We finally have new carpet in and all the renos done (except the downstaris bathroom, which will be done before we sell, so I'm not counting that) and I am totally loving my house and getting sad that we are selling it. I will miss my huge lot. And all my trees. And the fence to keep Roman locked in! Of course I do want to sell it though, because I am excited to start building.

So here are the pictures that are on welist.
Living room
Our bedroom
Finn's bedroom
Roman's bedroom
Downstairs family room


Brittany said...

whit it is looking really good..all your pics are really cute, good luck on the selling

McCandless Co. said...

Whit your house is really really darling....wish I was in the house buying market and a few thousand miles closer. I am sure someone will snatch it up. Good luck.

LindsayB said...

looks a little better than last time i showed up! it's good you took it in the snow. because sometimes houses don't look as good in the spring when everything is still dead. good luck with the selling!

Just Rhonda said...

looks great!!!!