19 April 2006

happy late easter

So I had good intentions of posting this on Easter, but Roman had other plans. This is actually the third time I have sat down to work on this, and I am sure it will not be the last before it is actually done and posted. Roman has had bad colic lately, and to top it all off he got a bad cold yesterday. The colic has been helped by giving him oval at every feed, me taking fennel tabs, and no dairy products for me. So of course I crave milk all day long, but what can ya do.
My family was up for Easter weekend and they all got sick with a really bad cold when they got home. So who knows where it came from, but Roman got it too. The poor little guy can't breath lying down, so he sleeps in our arms or in his new swing. Lucky grandpa Stew and uncle Kurt got him a swing for Easter!
Besides Ro getting sick Easter weekend was lots of fun with my family up here to visit. I love when people haven't seen Ro for awhile and they can see how much he has grown and changed. He is very smiley now and is focusing on things and faces a lot better. He even manages a few smiles through the coughing and sneezing and stuffy nose and fever he has right now. Here are a few pictures from Easter weekend.

Smiley Ro in his silly easter hat with his presents from grandma and grandpa - a swing and a teddy bear.

Easter hat and chubby belly

Roman was being a happy boy one day so we did a bit of an easter photo shoot. Here are a few pics from it.


susie said...

What a cute little guy. I love his big gummy smile. I've never seen him so happy. You must be doing something right!

Auntie Shan said...

Whit, just got a chance to check out the pics too cute for words. I'll see you when you're at your mom's.

mom said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little boy! His complexion is one to be envied. His smile is so awesome!

mom said...

that was mom davis, but I didn't say so