08 May 2006

bod - very late week one!

So here it is, my week one for the BOD - just a little bit late! I have lots of good excuses for why it is late, but I guess that isn't the point eh. At least it's done and I enjoyed taking my time and not rushing it. I am using an old illustrated dictionary. Not sure yet what I am going to do to the cover. (You can click on the pictures to get a bigger one)

My book is a bit different than everyone else's. I have a two month old baby boy, and sure I have a million dreams for him and my little family, but right now I am really enjoying living in the present. So my book is going to focus on Roman right now.

Here it is... It is a smaller book so I am just keeping it simple. Right now I am liking lots of the text showing through. I think I might add some buttons down one side of the page by the pocket, but I wanted black ones and didn't have any at the time.

I came across this quote one day when I was looking around online. I thought it was a good way to sum up how I feel as a new mom.

The tag has Ro's birth stats on it.
I better get going on week two as week three starts tomorrow!

One more thing, everyone is talking about glazes and sealing the page with stuff. Should I be doing that, or is it okay to just leave it as is? Other than mixing the glaze with paint to give and antique color what is the purpose of a glaze?


ArtsyMama said...

Great work! I love this idea of "scrapbooking" your son in altered book form. Fun! I did a fabric book for my son like that when he was about the same age, a couple of months old. Love your work, it's just fabulous! I don't seal my pages, so I would say just leave them as is if you'd like:) Love the quote. That's always been one of my favorites. Good for you for staying in the moment. ENJOY!

Norah's said...

I love your pages. And Ilove the book you chose. I didn't do my cover until I had done some inside first. Just have to wait until inspiration hit. Beautiful baby!

gudrun said...

yourt book of dreams are wonderful! Great work.
I'm so impressed you are new to this "game".
Keep up the good work! :-)

la vie en rose said...

great pocket pages!!!

Just Rhonda said...

well when did this start????? Oh my. I knew once you started this paper stuff you would be soooo good at it. Love the book. I love that you are using an old dictonary! Awesome. Love it.

Yolanda said...

Yes I am going to do a book think I am going to start tommorrow . I have three days off and work sunday and then a couple of days next week.Your right though I find it is hard to explain to others what it is like being a nurse after one of those days. Would love to hear from you .