04 April 2006

blessing day

Roman was blessed at church when we were down in Raymond. Here are a few pictures from his blessing day. And before anyone askes, it is not a skirt it's a kilt. We got the same tartan pattern as Kurt's kilt and he wore his and played the bagpipes at the family dinner we had after the blessing.
My mom, Brad's mom, and my grandpa all bore thier testimonies in the meeting and my testimony was renewed and strenghtened by this and by seeing my worthy priesthood holder able to bless our baby. It was a special day both spiritually and by being able to be together with family and friends. Unfortunatly there are a few people who still think they need to avoid family funcitons by staying in Halifax so they couldn't be there...
My grandparents (my mom's parents) were able to come up from Salt Lake. Roman is the first grandchild for my parents and the second great grandchild by three days for my grandparents. So here is a picture of my grandma, my mom, me, Paige, and Roman.

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Susie said...

So special. You and Roman look so cute together, looking good! I love the pictrue of Roman.