09 April 2006

little laker

The proud papa and the little Laker fan sat down to watch the game together the other day in their Laker gear. They even brought out Ro's first basketball. (I wish I could say Brad got it especially for Ro because that would be funny, but he already had it) Now they are just waiting for the chubby boy to grow a few more inches so the Lakers pjs fit! I think a Dallas Mavericks onsie would look better, but don't tell Brad.


LindsayB said...

whit! i can't keep up with all your posts. what a little stud. i'm glad that brad has his little boy to put that on now. although it was pretty funny the one night brad took off with alli and she came back wearing the lakers gear.

Just Rhonda said...

Oh man. Brad must have been in heaven!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little boy! My heart and arms ache to hold him again. He is such a beautiful baby! You are both so blessed! I hope you are getting some good sleep here and there Whit!