07 April 2006

good ol' southern alberta

At the end of March Roman and I went down to my parents house a few days early and then Brad came down for his spring break. It was tons of fun and I had lots of help with Ro so it was a nice break. My mom and I went on lots of walks and enjoyed the nice weather. Brad and Kurt went snowboarding for a day and I was REALLY sad I couldn't go. My parents offered to watch Ro, but I just don't think my body would have done that great after not even a month had gone by since I had him. So this was the first winter in 6 years that I haven't been snowboarding. This trip was the first time Brad's parents got to see Roman. Dixie brought some pictures of Brad as a newborn and the two of them look quite a bit alike. Jacklyn was up staying with her parents so I got to see her and Luke, and of course get my bangs trimmed. (Thanks again Jack!) I spent some time with Jill and Brittany too. Always fun to catch up. My grandparents from Utah were up for a few days for Roman's blessing. He is the second (by three days) great grandchild on my mom's side of the family. One of the best parts of the trip was being able to stay in the hot tub as long as I wanted - none of this five minute stuff like everyone made me do when I was pregnant! Besides getting spoiled Ro did a lot of growing on our trip. The Friday before we came home he weighed 11 lbs and was 24 1/2 inches long. I have a big pile of stuff he has already grown out of, thankfully most of it was given to me. My mom and I had to go to Lethbridge halfway through the week because he had no PJs that fit him. Everyone says it will amaze you how fast time goes and how fast they grow, man were they right! It was fun to spend time with family and share Roman with them. I think everyone likes me and Brad more now because we bring Ro with us. To prove my point - my family is probably coming up to Edmonton for easter weekend, not even two full weeks after we were down there. So thanks Ro! (we really know it is all Ro not us, but we'll take what we can get!) Here are a few pictures we took when we were down south.

I just added this picture because I like it. I love little boys in overalls, and I tricked Brad into putting on a striped polo shirt like Ro, he he he.

Roman met the puppies. Chief was good and only sniffed at him. Mattie wanted to lick him to death everytime she saw him, but she got a little better as she got used to him. They both really love the smell of babies and were constantly sniffing all his stuff and evreyone else after they held him. When we went to Hill Spring they sniffed around the house all afternoon looking for him. I can't wait until he is old enough to actually play with them.

Since coming home Ro does not like to sleep or nap in his crib or playpen, I wonder why????

There was alot of catching up on sleep - the only thing wrong with this picture is I should be sleeping, not taking the picture!

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LindsayB said...

I love him sleeping with the dog, so cute. really, nothing cuter than a sleeping baby, am i right?