20 March 2006

he's growing

Roman had his two week check-up today. Everything is good. He is just over 9 lbs now and has grown an inch (22 inches long now). Brad thinks he is getting rolls on his thighs, I still think he has little chicken legs.
Here is a picture of Roman all dressed up for his first day of church. He did pretty good, sleeping through most of church.
Me and Ro are off to Raymond tomorrow and Brad will be down on Friday. Roman's blessing is this next Sunday and he still has lots of family and friends to meet. My only worry is how jealous the dogs will be when he is around - they are used to being the babies of the family and getting all the attention!


Just Rhonda said...

Hey looks like Roman has more hair than Brad. hahahaha. Cute photo.

LindsayB said...

dang, rhonda took my joke. i guess brad and alli will have to stick together with their hair situation. he's such a stud. have fun in raymond, and take lots of pictures to put up.

Susie said...

Okay So I bet Roman is getting so big now. I've gotta see him again. Hope you enjoy your little getaway down south & I ready to be back in E Town. See ya soon.