03 November 2008

halloween fun

Here is my little monkey. He REALLY didn't want to hold still for pictures. So I did what any good mom would do, told him no trick or treating if he didn't let me take a few pictures.
He had a lot of fun. He kept saying "happy tal-ween" to everyone we passed. And he did a sweet monkey dance complete with sound effects for anyone who asked.
And little Finn was a polar bear - a polar bear because his bunting suit has ears. He actually fell asleep just as we were leaving, so my mom came out with me and Roman and Brad and Finn stayed home. But he did have a cute little pumpkin hat he wore around all day. Here he is with it on for a Halloween party we went to a few weeks ago.
After going all out as the incredibles for our Halloween party I didn't get around to getting cool costumes for me and Brad to wear tick or treating. This is how creative I was - a nurse and a finishing carpenter. Not at all lifelike or anything!
There were tons of parents dressed up this year. Must have been because the weather was so nice. Lins and Derek had some good costumes, and Ali and James were adorable. I loved James' costume because my mom made a skeleton costume for us when we were little - just painted bones onto black clothes. I am sure Lins will put up pictures soon if she hasn't already.
And I LOVED the Williams family's costumes! Scroll to the bottom to see the whole family.

Instead of costumes I made the cupcake pops I talked about in an earlier post. Here is the link to make them. They were fun to make, but I don't love how they taste. They are okay but I would rather waste the calories on something else! But a few of the people around town that I took some to loved them. So at least I know it was just me and that they turned out good this time. If you going to make them try styrofoam to poke the sticks into while they dry, it worked like a dream. And it would be a cute way to display them at a party or something.

One last picture. Here is what Roman tricked his dad into letting him have for breakfast the day after Halloween. Maybe that's why it is trick or treat!


Lindsay said...

You guys look great. Those pops are so impressive too!! Love the chip hands :)

Life Is Golden said...

Oh my heavens... too too funny... I started a site reader awhile ago, and had kind of forgotten about it... until tonight. I checked it, and was just looking at referring URL, and there were sooooo many coming from your blog... I was like "holy smokers", so then I checked out your blog and found that you'd given us generous props for our costumes... you're so sweet! I'll run with it, being the sewing CHAMPION that you are, I'll take any compliment I can get from you...
Sometime when I come home for a visit, you, Britt and I need to get together and have a little "treat", "sewing", "craft" making party!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

You guys are too cute! What happened to the Incredibles, that was hilarious. Thanks for posting the link for baby mia. :)