29 November 2008

crafty christmas

Whipped this up the other day.
Just kinda made up the pattern based on how much material I had.
Found the pattern for the little tied pocket here.
Now I am all ready to start the Christmas goodies!

And because I think I have a cute little guy, here is a picture of Finn all dressed up for church last week. Just try to tell me he isn't adorable!


The Edwards said...

That is the cutest little man I've ever seen. I just love baby boys dressed like a man...sooo cute

Anonymous said...

Adorable little man. The hat seals the deal. :)

And I love the apron.

lynz said...

seriously - the cutest little guy ever! i need to know where you get your little man more dressy uppy clothes though cuz that is one thing we are lacking in....

Life Is Golden said...

Just wanted to tell you that I was looking through some photography blogs and I found pictures of you and Finn... d-ar-ling. Loved them.