15 May 2006

bod - images

So I skipped week two (layers) but I will come back to it. Here is my week three page. (click on it for a bigger picture) As you can see I "transferred" text instead of an image. I'll try an image another time. Great suggestion to use muslin - I have tons of it lying around because I use it for backing on quilts. I really like how it came out and will for sure try this again. Freezer paper is different in Canada and the US, so I'm not sure if it will work the same. Does anyone from Canada know?

I just taped the muslin to a piece of paper. My scrapbooker extraordinaire sis in law Rhonda suggested printing the text first then using that same piece of paper to tape or glue the muslin to - this way I knew exactly where the text was going to print. Worked like a charm, thanks Rhonda! My Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad worked well to darken/age the muslin. The text is from my journal, some thoughts I had when Ro was 5 weeks old.


Lilli said...

So precious! Neat technique with the muslin. I've done something similar with tags: print on paper first, then position the blank tag over top and then reprint. So cool!

I'm a quilter too :)

Norah's said...

This is beautiful. I bet you will be transferring before you know it for your quilts too.

Just Rhonda said...

whit you have some crazy commenter.... turn on your text verification thing.

this entry looks GREAT! love it. glad the printing on fabric worked!!

mom said...

whit- when I was in NY I saw some artwork combined with scraping styles, so all morning I have been reading blogs and looking at scrapbook stuff. I am totally overwhelmed. I don't even know where to start. I can't wait for Rhonda to get here so she can teach me some computer things. Your pages are fantastic. You need to give me some help too!

mom said...

One more comment. Why didn't I do this kind of wonderful journal keeping for you and your brother and sister? where do you find the time? These blogs make me cry. I don't even know these people but the way they express themselves is so touching! I am sitting here wishing I could do it all-find the time to paint, write, be involved with drama, quilt, play every sport, blog and scrapbook. maybe that is what heaven is-having eternity to create!

ArtsyMama said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how your making this baby book. The text looks wonderful. As far as where to buy thin sheets of metal, we have it here in the craft stores. I would check there firt. Great work!