14 May 2006

happy mom day

Happy Mothers Day!
I had a great mothers day. Roman only woke up once last night for his soother and once to eat. Then Brad took him this morning and I got to sleep in. Best present ever! Brad also took him lots today when he was grumpy and let me relax and do a page in my BOD. And he made me dinner. I also have to give him credit for changing most of the diapers today. Church was good today too - especially because our ward gave the moms chocolates instead of flowers. Yummy.
Brad gave me this chatter box album/scrapbook set to start a book for Ro and some stamps. He also wrote me a letter thanking me and telling me why I am a good mom. It was my favorite present and of course it made me cry.
It was a really nice day today so we spent a little time on the deck enjoying the sunshine. All in all it was a great day. Thanks Bradley. Also, thanks to my momma and my mom in law. Love you both and happy mothers day.


Just Rhonda said...

oh Happy first Mother's day! Wonderful photos. and love that kit oyu got!!

LindsayB said...

cute pics. can you even believe we are moms! happy mothers day!