14 March 2006

11 days old

I was looking through the pictures we have on the computer of the little man and this one made me laugh, so I thought it would be my post for today. Hang ten Roman. From the moment Ro was born he has LOVED his fingers. They must have been his best friends for nine months. From day one he hated being swaddled because he couldn't have his hands by his face. Needless to say that his face was quite scratched up for the first week. As he has become more relaxed he sucks his fingers less and less - much to my dismay because it was sooooo cute. But he still hates being swaddled.
Two things to report from our house.
1. Ro had his circumcision today, so it has been a hard day. I think I have cried more than him. I feel like such a rotten mom! I have him topped up on tylenol and have been spoiling him with cuddles all day long.
2. He was weighed yesterday. With a onesie and a dry diaper he was 8 lbs 12 oz. (birth weight was 7 lbs. 15 oz.) So that was a relief, I was worried he wasn't eating enough because he feeds for quite short periods. Guess he is just an efficient little piggy when it comes to sucking!


LindsayB said...

so cute. what a little stud. hope the both of you are feeling better today, and getting some sleep too!

Just Rhonda said...

love that photo!!!