11 February 2009


Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, renovations, phone calls, organizing, cooking, toys, birthdays, church, friends, sewing, preschool, valentines day. I just can't keep up with it all lately. I can't even manage to get in a shower everyday. And exercising, what's that?
And now my whole house is sick. Again. So it will get even more behind.
Sick kids sucks.
I want so badly to make them feel better.
Roman told me this morning in such a sad voice "mom I don't want to be sick anymore".
His face is pale and his eyes are red. He looks like a zombie.
He was so sad he couldn't go to preschool today.
And Finn is just starting with the cough Roman has had for three days.
And my throat and ears hurt.
So what is worse that sick kids - being sick with sick kids.
And Brad is at work sick.
What makes me so mad is that I know exactly where this round of the horrific cold and flu came from. I know where it came from and when. And it shouldn't have come at all. We should not have had to be where the cold was. And it should not have come home to my house. And now my week sucks because of it.
But what can you do. Such is life.
At least these two kings make it worth it.
The king of crazy.
And the king of chub.
I love Roman. He wanted a "prown". So I made him one. And while I was making it he asked if I could make Finn one too. He's my baby and he needs a prown with me.
A few days ago Brad asked Romes if Finn was our baby. No dad, he is my baby.
I hope he always loves his brother this much.


Brittany said...

So sorry to hear that you are sick and that your kids are still sick. Just make sure you nap whenever or if ever they nap. Those are some pretty fab prowns you made. I went to anna bananas and spent more than I should have thanks for the tips!!

Jen & George Scott said...

I hate when everyone is sick. But i don have to say that I love the bumbo!!! It is Bailee's favorite. You boys are getting so big. They are darling.

Just Rhonda said...

Cute crowns. and sorry the kiddos are sick again! That sucks!

Christal said...

I'm so sorry you guys are sick again! dang people eh I hate it when you know exactly where it came from! I hope your all feeling better soon! We missed you today I still can't believe all the time you put into your valentines they were so cute! You over achiever you why do we do it hum?? Your boys are so cute! Love the crowns! If you need anything just call! ttys

Katie said...

I am so sorry you are sick. That is the worst!!!! Then for you to be sick on top of it. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Those boys are too cute!

Susie said...

ewww sickness is the worst. I think we get sick in the winter cause its so cold and were cooped up and confined. PLEASE let summer come. A snotty nose doesn't seem so bad in the hot summer hey. Hope you're all feeling better soon or at least summer comes.

LindsayB said...

when alli wanted a crown, we just headed up to the dollar store and got one that said happy birthday on it with purple fur. it's broken in half now and she wears one half and james the other. i'm sure glad i saved myself a buck and didn't buy 2. i know, i'm awesome. get those poor sick kids better, and c'mon, whose the culprit the spread it?!

Life Is Golden said...

I wish that if Mags asked me to make her a crown I'd have a blinkin' clue how to...

Jacklyn said...

Oh I want a prown too. That seriously stinks being sick. did someone bring their sick kid to nursery or something haha. well get feeling better. And I hear ya north south whatever