09 October 2008

thankful for...

Thankful for a healthy baby boy. Thankful his cold is finally gone. Thankful he is taking a great nap right now!
Thankful these little brothers love each other so much already. Roman likes to share his toys with Finn while I am not looking.
Thankful for the priesthood in my home. For an amazing husband who honors me, his kids, and his priesthood. And for being able to have my amazing husband bless this cute baby boy.
We blessed Finn a little over a week ago. (I'm a little slow at getting a post up!)
Thankful for fun family times at the zoo. And fun times shopping with Val and Kate instead of Brad and Roman - much more fun to go with the girls!
Of course I wasn't thinking and didn't get pictures of Roman with his cousins at the zoo. The cousins he is so excited to see all the time. We are thankful for them too. And great aunts and uncles for out kids. Here is Brad and Finn and uncle Bryan and Jonas. Jonas was born 2 weeks before Finn. Their sister Rhonda had Eli about 2 months before. And brother Bob will add the fourth boy this year around Christmas time. I am sure these 4 little guys will be driving us crazy in a few years when the family is all together!
Thankful my great husband didn't get mad at me when I dropped the camera at the zoo and broke the lens. Thankful he is buying me a new lens.

Thankful for great friends. Friends who even though we don't see each other hardly at all anymore are still great friends. Like Andrea. She is one of the most generous, genuine, happy people I know. And I am not just saying that because she sent me the most adorable baby gift for Finn! But that brings me to my next thankful, thankful that if you look hard you can find adorable clothes for little boys among the piles and piles of cute girl clothes out there. Like these cute boots and hat, with matching pants and shirt that I got in the mail yesterday from Andrea.
(Silly to add a thankful for baby clothes I know, but I just love baby clothes!)

Thankful for General Conference. To hear such inspired men teach us. Thankful for our prophet. Thankful the talks can be found on the internet and in the Ensign - a must have with Roman running around the house yelling and banging toys during every session.

Thankful that I am finally doing one thing right! There have been a few talks over the last few conferences about focusing on your children, leaving the housework and just enjoying them. I am glad to say this has always been the way I do things. But my mom may say it is because I am lazy! Still at least I am on the right track somewhere.

Thankful that blogger lets me save posts so I can come back to them since I started this post on Monday and am finally done it on Thursday!


Josh and Mindi Allen said...

Cute baby clothes! I'm addicted to baby clothes shopping, but have really tried to calm myself down when I see a sale at Gymboree or Children's place! Love that Roman puts his toys on Finn, so cute!

Becca said...

I happened upon your blog from Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog. I love the things you put together as you waited for your lil' guy to come. Such great work! Makes me want to get back into crafting again with fabric!

My brother-in-law is on his mission in the Alberta, Calgary mission. If you ever run into Elder Stephenson from Granite Bay, CA, that's him!

Tisha said...

I don't think it silly at all to put being thankful for cute boys clothes in the post! Especially when someone else did the searching for them!

LindsayB said...

i thought i was such a good mom too. dang, just lazy.

KellyLady said...

Fun pics! Glad that Roman likes to share with Finn. 2 boys together are so much fun.

Lindsay said...

Finn is so cute. I love love love that hair. I bet its even better in person. Hope all is well in Canada. I'm glad you have a blog so we can keep up with you and your sweet kids.

The Edwards said...

oh Whit Finn is the cutest thing ever I can't believe how fast they grow. I am a traveling woman but I will call you and give you my long crazy story!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

love this post! I'm thankful for you, even though we don't see each other nearly as much as I want i just love you. And, one day we'll live next door to each other and throw huge Halloween Bashes with the houses decked front to back, cause that's how we roll!