16 May 2008

what I have learned

Things I have learned this past two weeks...

1. Garage saleing in Calgary with your best friend and some tim bits for the kids is the best way to spend a Saturday morning. Also, it is possible to every now and then buy a toy that your kid is totally absolutely without a doubt in love with - as in played the drums for over an hour in his car seat on the way home and hasn't let it out of his sight for weeks. And finally, camera cheese face cracks me up every time I see it.
2. Washable crayons color very well on skin, almost as good as on the kitchen floor and cupboards. They also wipe away so easily it's hard not to laugh at the little artist at work. 3. Just because it is rainy for a few days and you are pregnant it is not okay to make 3 batches of sugar cookies and eat most of them yourself. 4. Going high on the swing = a great smile and lots of laughs. 5. Laundry baskets make great toys. They are also a nice place to relax for a snack. Also, pajamas are perfectly suitable attire all day when you are sick, it is raining outside, and you mom is busy baking and eating too many cookies.
6. Do not argue with a sick 2 year old when he doesn't want to put on pants but will put on every other item of clothing to go visit grandma and grandpa. Just carry the pants and let grandpa convince him to put them on.
7. a) Don't think you can get away with trying to do something without a cute little helper.
b) don't put off cleaning the fridge for a month when something spills down the back under the fruit drawer - very yucky!
c) Dismantling the fridge and scrubbing with sciatic problems during pregnancy does not make for a very pleasant morning the next day.
d) Last but not least, just because they are comfortable doesn't mean that you should wear pjs that are 2 sizes too big in pictures you post on your blog. I promise by butt and thighs aren't that fat!
8. Picnic lunches in the front yard are the best way to spend an afternoon.


KellyLady said...

What a fun post! Roman looks soooo tall! And you look cute pregnant not fat! Love the no pants to grandma and grandpas! There are definitely some things not worth fighting over!

Susie said...

oh my gosh you are so ambitious, preganancy gave you a burst of energy or maybe the weather. and you are so invited to my house whenever plan a trip up

LindsayB said...

look at your short hair! i can't wait to join you for a few picnics and park trips!

melissa said...

You are such a cute mom Whit! I absolutely love the no-pants picture. This post totally made me smile. :)

Stephanie M Larsen said...

This post had not only me, but Fin cracking up. I look down to see the nurser, chortle-ling while she chugged. I love when they smile and laugh while their nursing. Definitely one of your funniest post.