04 May 2008


So it's time to think of a baby name. If you haven't heard already, it's another boy name we are after. We thought we had it all figured out. After Roman was born we had a name picked for our next child, boy name and girl name. I won't get into the girl name, except to say that a good friend of mine is pregnant and naming her little girl Piper. Brad is quite annoyed! Doesn't matter right now, it's a boy name we are after. Finn was our boy name. Then Stephanie named her little girl Finley. And there is a boy and a girl Finley in her ward. And just last week Rachel Fairbanks (don't know her married name) named her little boy Finn. So do we use the name, knowing how popular it is becoming - so I have been told? Or do we think of something else? Seems like a silly dilemma I know. But Brad and I don't agree on names - AT ALL.
I know I know, it is very silly to think that no one would ever like or use the same names we like. And I have always been an advocate of use the name if you want to no matter what. Even if they have a cousin with that name, so what. But the reason we liked Finn, and Piper, is because they are a little different, more uncommon, without being so out in left field. So we will see. I know I sound so pregnant and hormonal with this post! Rambling on about a baby name. Crazy me. But I thought hey, lets get some input from other people out there. So let's give me some ideas of names you people out there like! Doesn't have to be the top one or two for you of course, but maybe some your husbands don't' like and you do. I just need to hear some other options right now.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here is Roman hugging his baby. Sorry for the not very attractive naked belly. Roman has to have bare belly to talk to the baby or hug or kiss him, which he loves to do. He also like to yell at the baby to come out, then gets a little annoyed that he won't. We have to remind him the baby has to grow bigger first, seems to placate him. But it is so funny to watch!
My cute little man.


Just Rhonda said...

i LOVE finn and regan doesn't. I think you should still use it!

KellyLady said...

I think you should still use the name...we always pick 2 names and I get final say once babe is born...Zane's alternate was Shaimus and Rhett's was Seth. Good luck on the decision!

LindsayB said...

we are just a bunch of names stealers from each other! is britt usuing piper? and names ARE a big deal. it is so hard. IF i was having a bay right now, we would have ZERO names. ok, i found some not so common names for ya!


let me know what ya think! also, i still like max. is that out? also, did you chop your hair? we definetly need pics of that.

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

This is just me, but name your baby whatever you want. If you want Finn, then you name him Finn. Who cares that it's popular or that 5 other kids in his kindergarten class will have the same name! I actually met a girl who has a 20 month old named Finley and I loved it, so you do what you want!!

The Arrington's said...

I feel your pain!!! Oh my gosh naming Laken was almost worst then child birth..okay not really but Very painful!!! And i'm overly obsessive with not having a popular name i just can't do it. Piper is one of my favorite names so thats a bummer. I just found out this girl who i can't even really even say i know named her baby my favorite name and i promise you i bawled for an hour. In fact i'm still upset so although i offered no advise i feel your i'm stressing right along with you

threecows said...

keep it simple.


if that doesn't work, i think brad will still agree that "Tyrone" is a fine choice.

crunchy peas said...

my favorite boy names:
(we have 3 girls :)

dryden (my husband's fav, I would like it better if it weren't the name of a town nearby!)