11 May 2008

Mothers day, really?

Someone forgot to tell the cold and cough virus it was Mother's Day today. I guess it serves me right, commenting the other day to some friends at stay and play how we have avoided the whole being sick thing all winter. It's true. Just about everyone I know has had sick families on more than one occasion this winter, and sick for a long time too. I guess being an antisocial hermit payed off this winter. I saw so many really sick kids at work, it was a bad year for gastro stuff. Lots of bronchiolitis and croup too. RSV not so much. Anyway, seeing all the crap going around made it not hard at all to stay at home. We avoided stay and play and nursery. Washed our hands like crazy when we were out shopping. And really didn't do much of anything. But it paid off. We have had nothing, until yesterday. Roman has the saddest little cough and hoarse throat. He slept with me and did A LOT of rolling around last night and not a lot of sleep. Brad took the couch. I'm being hopeful it won't last too long. A drugged up Romes and Brad are sleeping on the couch with the Lakers game to keep them company right now.

Other than that, Mother's day is great. Brad got me an early present a few weeks ago, he couldn't wait any longer. Here she is.
Nothing too fancy. It is all I need, especially with two photographers in the family with very fancy Nikons. It is so nice to have an SLR camera, loving the no lag in between taking pictures. Brad totally surprised me with it. I have been wanting one for so long, but it was always last on the list. Especially with the new baby coming. But how can I say no when he was the one who bought it!

I have my work cut out for me for Fathers Day now!

Here is my cute little chubby cheek, smoochy lips boy.
Doing way better with talking. Not being so stubborn and attempting to say more. Everything is on his time schedule, drives me nuts sometimes! His mothers day present to me - besides the card he picked out, signed, and then claimed as his own because it's big yellow envelope looks like a letter from Blue's Clues - a few days ago he finally started saying "love mama". Melt's your heart and makes everything in the world seam right to hear those words doesn't it.

Love you mom 1 and mom 2. I wont' get all mushy this year. I'm pregnant and that will just lead to tears!


Ian said...

We have a d40 and absolutely love it. It takes great pictures. We look at the pictures we took with our old camera sometimes and feel bad we didn't upgrade earlier. Hope you enjoy it.

Katie said...

I'm so sorry you were sick on Mother's Day. Hope you get feeling better soon.

You will love that camera!