16 May 2007

srping time... lots of pictures

We have been having lots of fun enjoying the nice warm weather. Like any kid Roman likes to spend all the time he can outside. He is always standing at the door hanging on the door knob yelling and growling to go outside. Yes growling, it is his new thing he thinks is neat. And by neat I think he means annoying! He has no interest in speaking with actual words, what's the point when he gets everything he wants anyway. He is also into running everywhere. And my new favorite thing he does is he will be doing something and have a tiny little smile then a little chuckle, like he has an inside joke with himself and whatever toy he is playing with. He is so much fun. Here are a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Pots and pans are always a favorite toy at grandma and grandpas house. He has been spending lots of time there because I have been working a lot. It is sooo nice to live by them so they can babysit. Roman loves it and doesn't even care that I am gone, which makes going to work so much easier.

Mowing the lawn with grandpa. In all seriousness, this is the longest I have seen him sit and focus on something since... last summer when he learned to sit!

Playing in the dogs drinking water outside.
Going for rides in the wheel barrel.
Eating popsicles.
Sharing popsicles with the dogs.
Playing in the sprinkler and going swimming in the hot tub. Forget the rest of us, Grandpa turned the hot tub temperature down so it is now Roman's personal swimming pool.
Swinging (with out of control crazy static hair)
Helping dad outside.


Just Rhonda said...

Okay the hot tub his swimming pool! that cracks me up. Those parents of yours are SO into being grandparents! That lucky little Roman!!!

Amy said...

Hey Whit.
Thanks for the update on Lindsay and fam. I LOVE all these pictures of Roman, not only is he so stinkin cute, but you're quite the photographer. Gotta love grandparents!

Melissa said...

Your little Roman reminds me so much of our Peyton, i think they are going to have a blast this summer together. We'll have to have a ton of play dates. I can't wait to see your house, it sounds like you've done alot of renovations.

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Hey Whit, cute pics! I love the pots and pans pictures! Your mom must just love having him over!