24 May 2007

a few things we have been up to

I'm working tomorrow. But I have my stuff ready for tomorrow, Ro's stuff ready, the dishes done, the laundry put away, and the toys cleaned up - so I thought I would put up a quick post before I head off to bed. Not too many new pictures to share, but here are just a few of the things we have been up to.

Fixed the legs on this old table and painted it. (Don't pay attention to the dirty kitchen floor! Or the nail holes in the floor boards, new floor boards are on the never ending list of things to do.)

Brad built closet organizers. We each have a bit different design for our closets. Yet again I am sooo glad he is so handy. I can fit so much more in there now. It is still a bit crowded - we don't have a dresser in our room but we do have a really cool wardrobe type thing that we are fixing up. I'll put a picture of it up later.
We started on the fence for the front yard. Here is Ro showing off one of the holes for the posts. Can't wait until it is done... then me and Roman can hang out outside and I won't have to chase him the whole time. Looking forward to having a caged animal!

And last but not lease... we have been being drug outside all day by a certain someone no matter what the weather is like. But I have been liking the rain, good for the sod and the grass seed we put in. But enough is enough, some sun now please to help it grow!


Katie said...

It looks like you've been busy! I'm way impressed that Brad can do all of that. I bet the closet organizers are so nice.

Roman looks even bigger than the last pictures. I bet he is growing up fast. What a cutie!

LindsayB said...

Cute stuff Whit. I'm jealous of your very own house to paint and decorate. And your very own live in handy man. I soooo wanted to get Alli red rubber boots and I couldn't find any smaller than a genorous size 4. It was pretty funny to watch her try and walk in that size though! Alli is about a 3 these days...she's is gonna fall over if she gets any taller, which she probably won't!

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Whit! Roman is so big now! I must admit he looks older without his curls! I miss seeing his curls though. I was a big fan.
Cute table though, I'm totally into that.

Amy said...

Cute table, and how you have it all displayed. Look at you, you creative girl. And also add to what to what everyone else is saying, Roman is so stinkin cute with his new little hair cut. His hair made him change from a baby into a little boy.

Just Rhonda said...

Yep you are lukcy to have that handy hubby!!! the fix ups look GREAT!

melissa said...

Why do i just want to squish his little cheeks?! so cute! you guys are so ambitious and your projects look great! i agree with your other blog entry too - he looks like a little boy now. sad! he's still super cute, so i guess you can't complain. oh, and i don't think you're crazy...if i were a mom i would feel the same way!