14 May 2007


No more ugly dirt yard, we finally have nice GREEN grass. On Saturday we laid sod in our front yard. It has been slow going because Saturday is basically the only day Brad has to get a ton of work done all at once. First he had to dig up and loosen the dirt. Then he had to level the yard out with a bobcat. Then he had to dig out the path and fill it with gravel and lay the paving blocks down. Then he had to do the slate rock walls. Finally three or four Saturday's later we have grass. We still have to fill in around the paving blocks with crushed rocks, fill in the planters with mulch and flowers, and build a little fence around the front yard to keep Roman in. But it is all starting to come together and to the point you can see results. Yeah!

Saturday was sooo hot. Roman had tons of fun being outside and helping. (and getting too much sun thus wearing a funny looking hat) He enjoyed digging in the dirt, eating the dirt, eating rocks, riding in the wheel barrel, eating dirt, dumping water all over himself and the dirt, eating mud and sitting in mud.

Emily and Tom and Jacklyn and their kiddies were up. So much fun hanging out with them and Max and Melanie and their kids. Roman had fun running around chasing Brighton and Luke and stopping now and again to hug Layla. Brad and Tom and Max did the guy thing - whatever that is. And we stayed up until 2:00 in the morning talking and laughing until we cried. Good times.


Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Sounds like a good time reminissing. Wish I was closer to reminise with everyone, but blog has to do for now. Glad to see you finally updated your blogpage! Cute pictures!

Kristin Ross said...

I can't wait to see your new grass. I bet you love it. How fun to stay up late & talk with girls. I'll probably see you next week.

Just Rhonda said...

Looks like fun times! And SO good you got grass! Way to go Bradee!