02 November 2006

you had to know this was coming....

Happy Halloween! Lots of pictures to share of one of my favorite holidays.

This is on a farm outside of Raymond. We get a good laugh out of it every time we drive by.

These are the cookies I made and took to a bunch of people in town. You know, just to get in the Halloween holiday spirit. Really I just love sugar cookies and any excuse to make and decorate them... and eat them!

Roman as a train engineer for his first Halloween. The pictures don't do it justice. Seriously, he was so stinking cute in it! This is his inside costume for a party we went to. It was a good costume because... (next picture)

This is my at my first Halloween! So funny that I just happened to have the overalls and the hat and didn't even think about using them as a costume when I got them - and then we remembered this picture.

Here is his outside costume, my little frog. Fitting because one of his favorite things to do is jump in his jolly jumper. It was a tight fit to get him in. Last time I try to buy a costume a year ahead for a tall Davis child. Rhonda got a cute picture of him in his costume, click here to see it.

Rhonda came down for a few days with here kiddies so we went trick-or-treating with them. Ro and Lucy were just along for the ride and did very well, but poor Alden only made it to four houses. He was cold and not feeling to well, but he made a dang cute chicken. I guess he just figures why go out in the snow and cold when I could stay home with the big bowl of candy, and really can you blame him? Brad and I then DROVE - seriously so cold out - Ro around to a see family and friends.

Romes doesn't carve he eats. All night he just kept pulling the tops off the pumpkins and chowing down.

Brad really liked his puking pumpkin. Good times were had by all. (Especially me and Brad cause Roman got lots of candy and we get to eat it now!)


Just Rhonda said...

Love the photos! And that bale pumpkin makes me laugh too! Too funny! So good to hang out whit!

mom said...

what acute little frog! halloween is way better with a grandson to play with! mom

LindsayB said...

Ahhh, sugar cookies. I miss your baking and being the lucky neighbor on the receiveing end of a delicious gift. Such cute pictures. Love the puking pumkin by Brad.