23 November 2006

Happy #2 Thanksgiving...

Or should I say #1 Thanksgiving? Brad - my patriotic Canadian hubby - please forgive me for what I am about to say. And my American mom, you can count this as a small victory.

Born in the US, but with a Canadian passport I consider myself a Canadian who can take advantage of the many opportunities of also being an American. But really, what is the deal with Canadian Thanksgiving?

Does anyone really know where it came from? While it hurts me to say it, I honestly think they took this one from the Americans. Thanksgiving - it's about Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower, Plymouth rock, cornucopias, making buckskin jackets and head bands in second grade from colored feathers and paper bags, bringing home craft projects from school made from corn husks, and silly school programs where we all dressed in aprons or moccasins - and Black Friday shopping of course! In my experience Americans make a way bigger deal of the holiday than Canadians do. So really, why do Canadians have Thanksgiving? (And because we are thankful is not a good enough answer) I don't mean to offend any Canadians, I have just always wondered about Thanksgiving here.

I think I prefer the November Thanksgiving, to me it seams more like the real Thanksgiving. But really, I can't complain too much - because of two Thanksgivings, Christmas, and two families now that I am married I get FIVE turkey dinners in about two and a half months!

So Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks today for many things I will not sit and list, except one... that Roman is not sick and puking anymore and that he took a long enough nap for me to take a shower, get ready, and make a pumpkin cheesecake. Yep, we had a full blown Thanksgiving dinner today. And now it's all about the leftovers - turkey buns and turkey soup!

Here are a few recent pictures of Roman. He's all over the place now, has been crawling and walking along furniture for awhile now, and he has his two front teeth. He has been sick for the last week, really sick. Glad it is over. I hate not knowing exactly how he feels and not being able to make it go away.


mom said...

whit-I'm not sure so don't quote me on this one, but I suspect that thanksgiving in Canada is in October which may be the end of harvest. It's more of a giving thanks for a good harvest- but who cares, more turkey for me! And it never hurts to be reminded of all our blessings!

LindsayB said...

As if you are second guessing canadian thanksgiving, tut tut. Roman is so cute, can't wait to see him in a month.