30 November 2006

hello hello

Last day of November, just thought I'd do a quick post so that I could say I actually got more than one or two posts in this month.

Just thought I'd do a little sharing. I got a new vacuum! Funny how excited I am about it. I was even all excited to try it out, and yep it did meet all my expectations and more! Seriously, I really like it. Oh what has my life come too, sigh. AND it came with a free little dust buster which at first I thought was silly, but man it clean up well after Roman! The best part is it only cost me $25! We get gas at Canadian Tire so we saved up Canadian Tire money for three months and then it went on sale, perfect timing. Brad picked it up, I was too embarrassed to actually use something like $70 in Canadian Tire money.

Roman woke up happy today from his nap. Don't you just love when they wake up happy. He usually cries until someone goes into the room, then he is happy. But today he played in his crib for 15 minutes and was all smiles when I went in. You lucky people who get that everyday... oh well, it could be worse.

One more thing - Happy Birthday Rhonda!


susie said...

i hear you on the vacuum thing. I got a new one a while back and love it, I can see how much it cleans and I am disgusted, but glad to know it does a great job! What is lamer than being excited about a new vacuum is when i use it on a friday night. nice to have a happy well rested baby to play with.

Just Rhonda said...

That vaccumm looks awesome!
And thanks for the birthday wishes!