08 November 2011

my heart is full

My heart is full of gratitude tonight. 
For friends and family who know that I am trying to raise my kids right, to teach them right from wrong, teach them respect.  Even if my kids behavior doesn't always show it. 
For friends and family who care about my kids.  Who put forth an effort to reach out to Finn even though they get nothing in return.  For letting me vent my frustrations and worries to them.   
And for tiny answers to a mothers constant prayers. 
Masen came to get Roman to play today.  As the two crazy boys were heading out the door Finn said he wanted to go too.  I told him they were playing in the house not the backyard, and I wasn't coming, and Christal is there.  "I like Christal mom". 
So R and M waited for him to get ready, walked their bikes the half block to M's house while Finn walked in front of them.
He went into the house.  He talked to Christal.  He showed her his Buzz Lightyear costume.  He went downstairs.  He stayed for 10 minutes.  He calmly, not crying, said he wanted to go home.  So his brother walked him home then headed back to play.
I spent that 10 minutes close to tears as a wave of relief and gratitude spread over me.  It may seam like something trivial, but for anyone who knows Finn it's a huge step.  
I just wish you could all see the real Finn.  The funny, feisty, goofy, stubborn, sweet little boy of mine.
Love you Finn.    


LindsayB said...

i'll blame it on the hormones but i'm tearing up for you whit! so great to have finn come out of his shell. you are a great mom to 3 great boys!

Christal said...

for real I'm crying too! no hormones involved except the ones i got but you are seriously an awesome mom and he is so sweet he did awesome... speaking of which here he is again:) ha ha
and ps roman is one of the sweetest best older brothers too he calmly and patiently stopped his game and took him home. He is also the only one who listened to me today when I picked them up and they were having so much fun playing with the new playground of cardboard boxes outside the school! He even went and got Karsen out of the boxes for me! You have good kids and you are an awesome mom! love ya!

whitney said...

Now thanks to you two I'm crying again!

Amy said...

That is AWESOME!!! I honestly think he should wear Buzz to nursery. He is such a sweet little guy and reminds me so much of Taylor when she was little. One day he'll be off running and playing and you'll miss your little buddy constantly wanting to be with you.

Just Rhonda said...

"like" :)

Em and Tom said...

Crying too way over here in Virginia for three reasons.
1. Wish I knew Finn.
2. Wish it was my house he went over to play at.
3. Love you Whit.

this and that...now and then said...

Dang and I wasn't home for all this!!! Do you think it's the costume that gave him a bit of a break through? Having a "Finn" of my very own, I know what baby steps are! They are HUGE!! I am just so glad I am one of the few who get to see the real Finn and he melts my heart! You are a great Mom and Finn is yours because God knows he needed the best!