23 July 2011

best thing I ever ate

Oh man. Ohhhhh man did I make a good dinner tonight! Brad and I both love chipotle peppers and anything made with them. I also love to pronounce the word chipoltee peppers because it drives my sister nuts. So I found a recipe for chipotle burgers with lime/cilantro/chipotle mayo.
Better than the Red Robin chipotle burger I ate weekly one month when I was pregnant with Roman.
So unbelievably good.
So good that I asked Brad when it will have been enough days so I can make them again.
So good that I was literally dancing and signing in the kitchen while I was eating it.
So good that I don't think I can share the recipe.
Do you love the spicy smokey taste of chipotle peppers?
I'm accepting BBQ invites and I'll bring my awesome amazing chipotle burgers.
For real. You need this burger in your life.


Paige said...

It certainly does bother me. You can make it up to me by making me and Eric those burgers.

Lisha said...

I also love chipotle. I will invite you over for fun and burgers.

McCandless Co. said...

SHARE!!! I won't steal your thunder I am too far away!

Em and Tom said...

What if I'm too far away, will you send me the secret? Miss you!

this and that...now and then said...

whit- you are a goof!

Christal said...

are you bringing it tomorrow i might even eat a burger if you do ha ha!! u r to fun!!

Just Rhonda said...

hahahaha :) i'm in! I'd love to taste them!