10 December 2008

we have a winner

Thanks for all the donations to Mia and her family!

According to random.org we have a winner in the baby Mia quilt giveaway...

The winner of the quilt is the Eggett family. (Her blog is private, so I can't link you there). But I am happy to say that she - unlike me - actually knows baby Mia. So hopefully she can think of Mia whenever she looks at her new quilt!

The winner of the Baby Bjorn cover is Hannah.

The winner of the crayon roll is Nicole.

175 comments on the post. Hopefully we were able to do some good for little Mia - who is finally at home with her family! Hoping they have a great Christmas together!


Hannah Stevenson said...

Thanks again! I can't wait to get my Bjorn cover!

Jeff & Nicole said...

Thanks again! and I am definitely interested in the pattern for the quilt. Your boys are so cute...Finn was one of our top picks for a name. I LOOVE it. (someone else in the family wants it..so we held off!)

The Eggett Family said...

Are you Serious???? I never win Anything!!! I debated even entering and thought I didn't have a chance. I want baby Mia to have the quilt. Mimi is one of my best friends from Highschool, and I love her and love that little Mia. If I get you her address will you just ship it to Baby Mia??? It must have been meant to be that I won, because even though I love the quilt and it's absolutley gorgeous, I wanted baby Mia to have it so bad, I was hoping whoever won it would give it to her.

I am wondering about your crayon rolls. Would you ever make them to sell them? I have 3 little girls and 2 are obsessed with coloring, they would love those. Thanks so much for doing this give away. You are so kind!!

E-mail me at eggetts@gmail.com
Thanks - Shelley Eggett

Just Rhonda said...

Seriously impressed with how many comments you got! Way to go on doing something so good!

Jess Larsen said...

How fun Whit! I bet they are so grateful for all your hard work, not only the sewing but, putting on a giveaway is a lot of work! Love you! -Steph