16 December 2008


Of course everyone thinks their kid is hilarious, and I am no exception. But do other people find the same things funny? Here are some of the funny things Roman has said recently. You be the judge.

Brad - (after Rome was running around all crazy like) - you are all sweaty!
Roman - I'm not sweaty dad, I'm handsome.

Don't say no dad, say yes!

me - (while he is banging on his drum with all he's got) - why are you being so loud?
Roman - it's my job.

While laying on the floor coloring - Hey dad, what's breast milk? I'm drawing breast milk.

For about a month when we asked him to do something he would say "no problemo", pronounced prob-lee-mo
Or he would say "I betcha" (instead of you betcha)

That same month he said "um" before absolutely everything. Um mom... Um dad... Um I need milk... Um where is my monkey... You get the picture. Funny thing is that when he did this we noticed I say it all the time too!

While watching Diego
Diego - can you help us?
Roman - No, I'm drinking my milk.

Daddy you go to bed, I stay up.

While shopping one day
Roman - mommy that lady's bum is big.
Me - Roman shhh!
Roman - in his super loud whisper - but mom it is big.
At least he listened when I said shhh.

After Halloween - can I please have a treat, the candy people gave me.

Me - Roman get back here so I can put your sock on.
Roman - Sorry mama, I need to do some hard work, I don't want to be late for hard work.

Roman was at my parent's house when my mom was decorating for Christmas.
Roman - grandmas having a party
me - what?
Roman - grandma is having a party with Christmas.

Brad - Roman are you being goofy?
Roman - No dad, I'm Roman Henry Davis.

He found my stethoscope the other day so I let him play with it. He walked over to Finn and said, let's have a listen shall we.

Here is my funny little guy. We found an old film camera. He loves it. Walks around the house asking everyone to say cheese.


Kristin Ross said...

Yup, it's funny to me too.

marisajbaines said...

ha, i am laughing so hard....the breastmilk one is sooo funny, its crazy what they ummmmmm pickup.ha also, diego does ask for help alot!! i would say im busy too....
p.s whitney i have a blog..ha

Brittany said...

Well it takes alot to get me to laugh out loud and i did quite alot while reading all the romanisms. little people pick up way more than what we give them credit for

Renee said...

Very funny 'romanisms' That picture is priceless!!! Reminds me of an elderly woman in my office. She borrowed a digital camera to take pictures of one of her new listings (we're realtors). When she brought the camera back, there were 6 photos of her eyeball on the camera. She had been holding the camera up to her eye and looking into the lens!

Just Rhonda said...

Yep totally cute. LOVE the comment about the lady's bum. hahahaha

Susie said...

of course their funny to me too. Mind you I don't engage in a ton of stimulating conversation so really its about my level. Funny kid

Christal said...

He is so funny! He is so cute! Love the breast milk one too. These days its pretty much our kids that make us laugh since we are home all day with them! But he is funny! fun post! ttys

KellyLady said...

Yes, he's funny. I love boys. they have such a different way of looking at things than girls do!

Cheryl said...

They are totally funny. Vanden is making me laugh all the time. It's actually an eye opener when they start repeating the things that you say. Vanden is always calling Ellie or Sadie, then babbling for them to do something. Hmmmmm, do I do that??? LOL

threecows said...

those are awesome!