17 June 2008

rain rain go away

So glad all that rain is gone. Two weeks of rain is just too much. I am sure I am not the only one who had a kid who was sick to death of being inside. I gave in and we played in puddles for awhile one day. Roman loved it. He also loved the worms that were all over the sidewalk. One moved away when he tried to pick it up, he got mad and stomped on it.

We had to postpone our trip to the lake last week because the mountains were getting snow. Instead we stayed home and did more work on the house. Roman had so much fun helping daddy. It just cracks me up how much he loves to help dad work, and how he takes it so seriously. We now have no more ugly green tile anywhere in the house. It is completely gone from the kitchen, the bathroom, and the entrance, and all the new floors are in! Yippie! Brad made good use of his Father's Day present this weekend too - a new saw. Don't ask what kind, I have no idea. Just one of the many many tools that fill up our garage and make me whatever I want! Thank you Bradley, the most wonderful husband in the world!

Hopefully the weather in Montana is warming up like it is here, heading off to the lake in a day or two! Gotta get it all in before my doctor won't let me travel to the states anymore. Note to self, do not ever be 8 and 9 months pregnant in the summer ever again. Totally messes up summer vacations! What am I going to do for the whole month of August when Brad is working like crazy and my family is having fun in the sun at the lake?


Susie said...

your boys are so cute. If Roman is like his dad you'll be set for life with all the handyman help. Love the lawn mowin'

Just Rhonda said...

CUTE pictures. :) I'll do my tag tonight!!

Tisha said...

In answer to your question, I have some sewing you could do!! Just kidding! We could take the boys to the park alot though, that would be fun!