19 March 2008

crazy zebras

My sewing machine is tired. 8 baby blankets in one day.
For Christmas my mom usually does something like a secret Santa, donating to the church education fund or something along those lines. This last year she gave us kids the money and we each had to come up with something to do. I was looking at the church humanitarian aid site and baby blankets were listed as a top need. So that is what Brad and I did with our money. It's only a few months late! But with the craziness of Christmas and the pregnancy nausea I figure better late than never. Besides, they probably get tons of donations at Christmas, so this is a good time to send them. (I can justify anything!) So they are packed in a box and off to the boarder with my dad on Friday. Then it is off to Salt Lake and then around the world for these crazy zebras.
Maybe next year I will pick something sooner and have it done sooner!

A lady at work and her extended family do something along those lines every Christmas. This last year they bought a goat. Yep, a goat. I think it is through unicef, or one of those types of organizatins. You can buy goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, fish farms, water purification systems, and a ton of other stuff for a family in a third world countrie. One thing that is cool about it is that you can buy a family something that will not only help them now, but provide a sort of sustained income. Like the fish farm or rabbits. Just funny to hear her say they bought a goat for Christmas!

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Just Rhonda said...

i think that is a GREAT christmas tradition!!!! LOVE that the Karren's bought a goat last year. SO good! Totally great that you got the baby blankets done!!!