11 March 2008

fabulous friday fun

I tried to get these pictures up on Friday, but blogger would not have it. I was so proud of myself for actually remembering to take a picture of something. So here is our fabulous Friday from last week. The weather was so nice last weekend! We were even out on Saturday without coats for awhile.

So much fun to dig up the snow and then stomp on it as hard as you can. Seriously, it entertained him for quite some time.

Checking out the neighbors dogs. He's not too fond of them barking.

Loving the gigantic sidewalk chalk grandpa got him.

My man of few words. He is two now and "they" say he should have upwards of 100 words in his vocab, and be combining them into sentences. Yah, he maybe has 20, if you count animal sounds. But comprehension is totally there so whatever. I think stubbornness has a lot to do with it. Anyway, point of my story, a bunch of the words he actually does use are colors. Artist grandma is so proud! This chalk is geen and the other is boo. It's actually pretty funny to see how excited we get when our little 2 year old learns a new word, and parents of other 2 year olds are excited about funny stories their kids tell them!


melissa said...

I can't believe he's already 2! So crazy. Quite honestly, I could have shoveled snow and stomped on it for an hour too. Roman and I are so alike! Either he has the mental capacity of a 25 year old (who cares what 'they' say), or I have the mental capacity of a 2 year old. You pick! ;)

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

He's getting so big! I can't even believe it. In a few months Jack will be 1 already...ugh! I'm hating the idea of him growing up! But, it'll be fun!

Melissa said...

That does look fabulous. It's weird to see snow still around.

Anonymous said...

"They" told me Brighton had a problem too. He will be three in a few months and about a month ago he just decided to talk, now I can't get him to stop. He will do it when he is good and ready! Where did your Dad get that chalk! It is awsome!

LindsayB said...

no worries about the no talking, it's that he is a seriously stubborn boy! that's what i'd be worried about!

Tisha said...

Hi Whitney. I have an invitation for you for a Easter Egg Hunt we are having, but I don't know where you live! Give me a call and let me know and I'll drop it by!