03 March 2008

2nd birthday

How does he go from this

to this

to this so fast?

Happy 2nd Birthday Roman. I am getting a little sentimental today. Looking back over old pictures. It's not the baby pictures that get me so much, it's the ones from around 12 months. From baby to big boy. But if you ask him he isn't a big boy, he is a baby big boy. We'll see what he wants to be when there actually is another baby!
So crazy how fast it all goes and you don't realize it until you stop to think about it. That's all I'll say. Before I start crying!
Roman had a great birthday. I think I could have gone with no presents and only the punching balloons and it would have been the best birthday ever. Isn't that always the way it is with little kiddos though.


KellyLady said...

Punching balloons are the best! I was the same when Zane turned 2 and I'm betting I'll be the same in May when Rhett turns 2. It seems to be a 2 thing...I've taken a poll! Anyways, love the new background and title! And of course Roman is as darling as ever.

Just Rhonda said...

awww he is so big now!!! Mom said he had a great party! Wish I could have come!

LindsayB said...

happy birthday roman!!! we miss you!

Jacklyn said...

oh so cute whit Happy B-day Ro. and whit could you tell me you were prego??? Congrats!!!

Melissa said...

2 already? Time flys when your having fun. We'll have to get together this summer and have the boys play!