05 February 2008

mommy tag

Typical time of wake-up:
Uggghhhhh - don't get me started! Roman used to get up at 8. Then he went to 7, totally manageable. Now he gets up at 6:00 in the morning! Most days Brad gets up with him and lets me sleep until seven. I really owe him for it. 6:00 makes me a monster mommy. Any tips on getting kids to sleep longer???

On a good night when you/kids go to sleep:
Around 8:00.

How long you have been a momma:

Almost two years.

How many times have you been a new mom:
Just the one.

How old were you when you became a mom (is this to personal?):
Turned 26 two weeks before he was born.

Favorite Kids show:
Is any kids show really a "favorite"? The ones on at our house are Blues Clues, Backyardigans, Handy Manny, the Doodlebops - funny I know, and yes, Wiggles and Telletubbies. What can you do when he loves them so much. And when telletubbies and Wiggles are on he is soooo into it , I don't have to watch at all.

Least Favorite Kids show:
Barney. And Roman has no interest in Dora or Diego. Fine with me.

Favorite chore:
Laundry. And cleaning up any mess with my Dirt Devil Broom Vac. My mom gave it to me for Christmas and I seriously LOVE that thing!

Least favorite chore:

Mopping. Also cleaning the front entrance. It used to be the bathroom, but a lady at work talked me into buying one of those magic rags with the silver in them, bathrooms are so quick now!

Meal you cook most often:
Italian sausage and pasta, burrito pie, salsa chicken, Brad bringing home pizza from work, and going to subway.

Kids favorite meal:
Macaroni and cheese - Kraft or homemade, hot dogs, apples, frozen veggies.

5 things that make you smile when you are being a mom:

1. good night kisses
2.how excited he is when I get home from work, or when Brad gets home from work.
3.he always comes to tell me when he did something he shouldn't have, even though he knows he will get in trouble.
4.constant snuggles
5. bed head and touque head - my kid is gooooood at it.

Favorite thing your husband does with your kids:
Wrestling and tickling. Lets Romes work with him all the time. Ro just eats it up, helping daddy.

Last time you went out with no kids:
Last week, to dinner with Jen and Jaime. We were at Moxies for over 4 hours and had no idea.

If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be:
I would love to go to Utah and Arizona, none of my aunts, uncles, or cousins have met Roman. And they have kiddos we have never met. I also can't wait until they are old enough to go to Disneyland. Happiest Place on earth. I remember loving it as a kid (and still do!)
Right now we are considering going to Hawaii with Sean and Val in April. A 2 year old on a 6 hour plane ride and in Hawaii, am I crazy?

Favorite pastime/activity with kids:
Just playing around. Love the park when it's nice weather.

1 thing you said you would never do when you were a mom:
Let him sleep in our bed. He did it, we all got more sleep, and he grew out of it.

If you had an afternoon to yourself what would you do?

1 thing you do that your mom did & now you do:
I'll have to think on that...

Favorite quality of your own mom:

Her kids and family come first, always. She is really really good at balancing mom and friend.

Favorite kids book:
I like Sandra Boynton. I Like the My first Book of Mormon Stories board book. Peek A Moo.

Best advice for a new mom:
It's only a stage. Works for almost anything. Sometimes I need to listen to that advice myself!

Scariest or most heartbreaking moment as a mom:
Scariest, not sure. How about the time I didn't strap him in his stroller in the mall and I caught him half way to the cement floor. Or the time I was putting laundry away and he walked out of the kitchen with a huge knife - apparently not all child locks are child proof. Heartbreaking is when they are sick and you just can't make it better.

Most joyful moment as a mom:
Just like everyone else, when they first lay that baby on your chest after they are born. I also really really like the first time they choose you over anyone else, even daddy.

Last time your child told you they love you:
Bedtime tonight. Although my kid still refused to talk so he says yes when I ask him if he loves mommy.

Last time you said I love you to your kid:
Bedtime tonight.


LindsayB said...

noooooo, 6am? that is no good. does he nap too long? i would be such a monster mommy too. maybe you could do my laundry for me? i really do not get how you could like it.

KellyLady said...

6am is definitely monster mommy time. I haven't figured out how to get the kids to sleep longer so I've solved it with an hour of current favorite cartoon, cup of juice or milk and me back in bed. Most mornings it buys me another 45 mins or so...Can I have your recipie for Italian sausage?

Just Rhonda said...

wow 6 am SUCKS!!!! I have no idea how I got my kids to sleep. they just do it. And it would be TOTALLY fun if you got to go to Hawaii with S&V!! Totally jealous!

Susie said...

owww Yikes there isn't much worthy of getting up at 6 am. Hopefully its just a stage. Seriously that is good advice though. That was fun to read

Stephanie M. Larsen said...

cute questionare. I'm going to do it too. You should do a "What does your fridge say about you." I'm working on that today, it's ammusing to think about. Are you a Huggies user. I just bought a box, they're worse than Walmart. Bridgey keeps leaking, and there's little balls coming out. I'm the line with Huggies right now. Anyhow, come visit already!