24 January 2008


I made this for Roman for Christmas. It was surprisingly easily. And I am more than just a little happy that he loves Monkey o-so-much. That's his name, Monkey. Very creative I know. It took all the creative I had to make it, don't ask for some fancy smancy name.
He loves to have Monkey near when he plays, loves to take him when we leave the house, and loves to take him to bed at night. But if monkey happens to not be there on one of those occasion, no big deal. It is the perfect love. (Perfect for a mother who might need to wash him eventually and continually forgets to bring him along!)
My favorite is when Rome and Monkey go out. He is soooo protective of his little friend. People always want to look at Monkey and touch him. Rome will have none of that. He scowls his face, pulls Monkey in close, and turns away from the rude stranger trying to eye up Monkey. He even pushed one lady away in the grocery store last week. I am very glad she thought it was funny and just laughed.

Monkey likes to tickle everyone with his tail.
Apparently it is laugh out loud funny when Monkey tickles you!
Hugging Monkey.
Sharing lunch with Moneky. Yep, still in our pjs for lunch.
Playing cars with Monkey.
Saying cheese with Monkey.
Taking Monkey out where ever we were going that day. I think this was the day Monkey got dropped in the snow. It was a serous accident. Monkey got lots of cuddles. Probably because a week ago Roman fell in the snow and froze his chubby hands off.
Taking a nap with Monkey.

One more funny thing Monkey and Roman do is sing monkeys jumping on the bed. Well actually I sing. And Roman and Monkey jump around the room and fall down. I just love the smile on his face when he is doing it.

We love our two little monkeys!


KellyLady said...

You seriously have one of the cutest kids! And love the monkey...wish I was that talented! Love the pics!

Tisha said...

I love Monkey! Did you have a pattern or did you just make it up? Its so cute!

Anonymous said...

Adorable monkey's!! Isn't it the greatest thing to be a mom! The only thing that is better is being a grandma! Grandma D.

Susie said...

That is the cutest! I love it. YOu are such a great mom. Roman is lucky to have you and monkey!

LindsayB said...

CUTEST! I saw some look alike monkeys at toys r us. your is waaaaay cuter. i think i want one or 2!

LindsayB said...

Also, Alli's names for her toys are Bunny, Baby, Teddy, Dolly, Barbie. We are so proud of her creativity.

Just Rhonda said...

CUTE monkey!!!! i LOVE IT!

Melissa said...

Hey you should sell those cute monkey's. I would definitely buy one.

melissa said...

haha! Soooo cute! I love this post, and I'm pretty sure my Gma Brandley had monkeys like that at her house. Aw, memories.

Stephanie M. Larsen said...

I dont mean to keep you busy with comments, but your posts are great. And taht pic. of Ro laughing with monkey is adorable! You should blow it up. So, I want to start making these handmade stuffies too. I found some awesome blogs on them. I posted the addresses on my blog.