12 January 2008

mmmm cinnamon

* Update - the candle was cold. But it had been burned in a warmer before, so it was soft enough for him to dig out easily. I'm not that bad of a mom!

I knew he was being too quite.
Luckily it washed easily off his hands, pjs, and the floor.

At least them mess smelled yummy.

And his cute little hands were so soft after the paraffin treatment!


Josh & Mindi Allen said...

I had almost given up hope of you updating your blog, and then you go and surprise me! So cute! Was that wax melted and it got all over, or did he just dig into it? That's too funny.

LindsayB said...


also, what size of dress was the downeast

Susie said...

uhhh even softer baby hands

KellyLady said...

This is my mouth on the floor! oh the things little boys find when it is too quiet in the house! It was fun to see you at Christmas as we chased the boys around the church!

Just Rhonda said...

wasn't it hot to him???

Mike & Kelly said...

I love naughty kids.. Especially when they are not my own... He just has a very active imagination, and probably will be a scientist one day.