15 February 2007

a little late

Happy late Valentines day. It was a busy day. Brad worked, I worked. Giving out sugar cookies. A fun and yummy dinner with Brad's family because lots of birthdays this week. Some quite time for me and Brad when Roman surprised us by going to bed early. Nothing too special, just a good day to remind me of what and who I love and why.

There is the obvious.
Brad. I may be a little bit biased, but I think I got the greatest husband in the world. He is so good to me. He is my best friend. He brings so much joy into my life. Can't imagine life without him.
Roman. Melts my heart when I see him smile. Couldn't ask for a better little baby boy. So fun to see him grow and see more of his personality come out. He is a handful, but I love him.
Family. It is so nice to be so close to family. There is good and bad about moving back to Raymond, but being so close to our families makes it all worth it.

Then there is the fun stuff.
I love Valentines day and Christmas because everything is red. I love red. I always have and probably always will. Favorite red things: my kitchen aid mixer and measuring cups and spoons, my spring form cheesecake pan, my dish clothes, my pottery barn retro telephone, my soft micro fleece bathrobe, my favorite bra, my kitchen and bathroom walls, Roman's highchair, Roman's infant car seat, Roman's red crib sheets, my red tin stars, my puffy vest, my snowboard coat... just to name a few. There is something about the color red, it is strong, it is bold, it makes a statement.

And to finish off, there is the quirky stuff.
Laundry is my favorite household chore. I like to save it up so there is lots to separate into all different colors. Then I like to dump it all in the living room and fold it while I watch tv. I love the smell of clean laundry. Today was laundry day. How can you tell... big shirt, tight too small onsie, and long underware for pants.


carol said...

My, my... sir Roman has quite the figure in his long underwear. Happy birthday, Whitney!!!!!!
Red is my favorite color too! You are just way more brave than me. I love red paper and red paintings. I'd love a red wall, but I'm chicken. Maybe some day.

susie said...

Hey whit HAPPY BIRTHDAY... i can almost sing it in Arabic he he (but I won't)Hope you have a great day!! Roman is sooo cute man he is looking like a little boy not a baby! It always sounds like your busy & having fun with your boys (brad & roman)
p.s red is totally your colour I usually think of you when I see red..nice to have a style and taste thats so YOU

Katie said...

Whitney, Happy Birthday but I think I'm a little late. Sorry! Red is also my favorite color. It's fun to hear all the things you love.

Just Rhonda said...

Cute photos of Ro Ro. And yes - I think of you when I see red too!!!