20 June 2006

Ro and Alli

So as many of you know the Oilers lost game seven for the Stanley Cup. We were sad. But we did have fun wathcing the game and having a BBQ with Susie, Ryan, Lindsay, Derek, and Alli. Probably the last time we will hang out with all of them before we move - onle a few more days until we move! It has been fun being in Edmonton the same time as them. We were all in the same ward for awhile, me and Lindsay worked together, me and Susie played soccer together, and of course having Alli and Ro.
Here's Alli and Ro all dressed up for the game - not Oilers colors - we'll say they are in red and white for Canada colors.

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LindsayB said...

Nice pictures! They are a couple a good looking kids!