19 June 2006


Ro doesn't like the computer; every time I sit down he cries or wakes up from his nap. I started this post on Saturday in anticipation of Fathers Day, and here I sit trying to finish it a day late.

Brad BBQ'd on Fathers Day. I offered to make whatever he wanted for dinner, but he wanted BBQ and he is the BBQer in our house. Ro and Brad took a nap together on the couch and we all watched the basketball game together Sunday night. A fun day.

1. Happy Fathers Day to my dad. I love you dad. I could never begin to tell you how much I love you and all that you mean to me on this blog, so I will wait until I see you in person (which is soon - only a week until we move down!)
I have always known that my dad would do anything for me, family comes first. Us kids come second, only to my mom - which is the way I think it should be - I have never questioned my dad's love for my mom. He has shown me how I should be treated as a wife. I have never questioned my dad's love for me. I am grateful that I have learned that love not only from his actions, but from him telling me he loves me all the time. I am glad he has always been worthy of his priesthood and has always been a rock for my testimony.

2. Happy Fathers Day to my dad-in-law. I love you too. I have felt so welcomed into the family by you. I could not ask for a better father in law. I admire the father and grandfather that you are. I am grateful to you for showing Brad by example how to be a good father and husband. Thank you.

3. And last but not least, happy first Fathers Day to Brad. I love you. You are an amazing father and husband. I always knew Brad would make a great dad, it is one of the reasons I married him. Fatherhood comes so naturally to him, I think more naturally than motherhood comes to me. I always tell Brad I love him - when he leaves for work, when we go to bed, when we talk on the phone... And of course I mean it when I say it, but I say it so much that it is - for lack of a better word - sort of redundant. So for fathers day I wrote Brad a letter telling him why I love him. It was nice to think it over and see it put into words. My love for him grows daily and writing the letter gave it an extra boost. I recommend that everyone write a letter like that now and then to anyone they love.

Funny how I know I have lots of good pictures of the dads, but of course none of them are on the computre, I guess these ones will do.


mom said...

we are all so lucky to have you in our lives! What an amazing person you are, Whit! and 7 more days until you live by me! love mom

Just Rhonda said...

aawww. You are lucky with three wonderful dad's in your life! Love the photos you posted. Ro looks chunky!!!