11 July 2008

"ro ro spill mama's eggs" - yep he is all about the third person

I guess this is what I get for unlocking the fridge for him to pick his lunch while I was on the phone with Britt. All six eggs on the floor. I was very glad I didn't buy a dozen.
That and a couch full of yogurt that he decided he didn't want to eat anymore but wanted to finger paint with.

Then I get the forced cry in timeout.
And then the cheese face because he realized I was taking a picture.
But then he is such a happy smiley boy eating his pizza bun for lunch and talking me into going to the park.
Toddler's crack me up!

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Anonymous said...

Brighton did 24 eggs... all over the floor, inside the shelves in the fridge, on his brother. YUCK!! I've never had finger paint yougart before though. Hope it didn't take you too long to clean up!