11 January 2007

time flies... when your baby is teething

Where to start? The last week and a half have been a blur, Ro's top teeth are coming in - not really coming, more like inching along. And of course he has a cold at the same time, of course. So not much sleep going on at our house. But enough of that, let's jump back to Christmas. (seeing as everyone I know has done posts about Christmas except me) On Saturday the 23 all of Brad's side of the family was together. We made a whole day of it - we went bowling, then skating, then dinner and swimming. Sooo much fun. We are going to make a yearly thing out of it. We also spent Christmas eve day with Brad's family - lots and lots of fun, food, and presents.

Ro's favorite thing about bowling was the little thing that blows the air out where the balls sit.

He didn't love ice skating, but he didn't hate it either. He was just content to sit and watch the rest of the kids or go for a lap in his stroller.

Swimming is his new favorite thing. He LOVED it. Jumped up and down and couldn't wait to get in the pool - even though he had never been before, strange I know. He smiled and laughed and splashed and kicked for over an hour. All that body fat is good for something. Poor Lucy was purple and blue all over before Ro's lips even changed a shade! We have since been back to the pool and he still loves it, guess it is going to be a weekly thing now. I have to keep him liking the water so he has fun at the lake this summer.

We did Christmas morning with my family. Romes did better than we thought on Christmas morning. He actually pulled at the paper when he could see a bit of what was inside.

Ro had his first encounter with snow - touching it at least. He thought it was pretty funny and he likes to eat it.

Well I guess that's all for now. It was really strange to actually be here, sleeping in our own house and not living out of a suitcase, and not having a defined Christmas break. It didn't totally feel like Christmas, but I guess we'll get used to it. Still fun though. How can you not enjoy it - it's Christmas!


Katie said...

I'm sorry about the teething. We are not looking forward to it. Roman is so cute. His hair is so long. He looks like a true Canadian in front of a hockey goal! It sounds like you had a great Christmas.

whitney said...

Katie - maybe you'll get lucky with the teething. Ro's first two teeth weren't bad at all. Other people have told me the front two are pretty bad. Hopefull the rest will be like the first two and won't be too bad. Hope Grace does okay with it. As far as when it starts, I think Roman was on the later end, aound 8 months. If you ask me the whole drooling and chewing thing has nothing to do with it - he did that for months before he got teeth. Maybe ask Allison when Owen started.
I know his hair is long and out of control, but I just can't bring myself to cut it yet - although I'm not sure why????

LindsayB said...

those pictures are so cute. i better start taking alli swimming again. we went all the time in the summer and she loved it. you know in the sweet fairmont salt water pool here.

carol said...

Roman is so fun-he really made Christmas special. Kids are what it's all about-eh

Just Rhonda said...

cute photos!!!!!!!